Zoom iQ5 white

Zoom iQ5 white, Audio interface

Item number: 10066952
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Audio interface • iPhone/iPad/iPod • PC Connection: Lighning Port • Design: Lavalier • Special Features: Also turned iPhone (for video recording) optimal stereo • Mid-Side stereo microphone for iOS devices • Adjustable microphone with both vertical and horizontal positioning • Professional mid-side stereo microphone • Connect the Zoom iQ5 professional mid-side stereo microphone to an Apple iOS 6.0 or later iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad mini, etc via Apple’s Lightning connector and capture 16-bit 44.1kHz mid-side stereo. The microphones are adjustable both horizontally and vertically for optimum stereo imaging. Features of the Zoom iQ5 M-S microphone include a 3-position Auto, Limit, Off gain control switch, 3-position Mid-Side stereo recording switch: 90°, 120°, RAW, analog microphone gain wheel, and mini USB connector for powering. A free Handy Recorder App is available for download via the App Store. Mid-Side or M-S stereo miking features a centrally mounted cardioid microphone facing the sound source and a figure-8 microphone positioned sideways to the source. The two microphone outputs are processed to produce a stereo image. The advantage to the MS method is the user can alter the width of the stereo image by varying the relative levels of the two microphones.