Zoom G3

Zoom G3, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Modelling: 13 Amp, 63 Stompboxes • Amp modelling: yes • Tuner: yes • Drum machine: yes • Expression pedal: no • Inputs: 6,3 mm jack • Outputs: 2x 6,3 mm jack and 1x XLR • USB Port: yes • Headphone Jack: yes • Dimensions W/H/D: 170 x 234 x 54 mm • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Including: incl. mains adapter and Steinberg Sequel LE2 • Pedalboard-style Guitar Multi-effects with 100 DSP Effects and 40-second Looper • The Zoom G3 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator pedal combines a stompbox pedalboard with a multi-effects processor and USB audio interface. With control over individual effects and amp modelling, The Zoom G3 pedal is designed both for gigging and studio recording. Get more than 100 guitar effects, with three effects simultaneously, plus stomp-box-style performance, from the Zoom G3 multi-effects processor pedal! The three simultaneous effects each have their own displays, parameter knobs and footswitches. An Auto save function stores the changes you make. The Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal combines of a +100 multi-effects pedal with the convenience of a pedalboard, and the versatility of a USB audio interface. Three large LCD displays and footswitches provide a genuine stomp-box experience, and individual controls for effects and amplifier models make the Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal perfect for gigging. Create and store up to 100 original tones using 100 built-in DSP effects. Other features of the Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal include an onboard drum machine and a built in 40-second looper, especially handy for private practice. For studio recording, the Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal includes a 16-bit 44.1kHz USB audio interface for DAW recording and a balanced XLR output for connecting to a mixing desk. Because the Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal comes with both Zoom's Edit & Share preset software and Steinberg's Sequal LE recording software, you'll get even more out of the Zoom G3 multi-effects pedal when you hook it up to a computer. With the Zoom G3 peal’s 1ms patch change speed you can change from playing rhythm to solo in an instant by simply pushing the switch. The Zoom G3 pedal includes three amplifier models from vintage to the latest in amp technology, each with its own distinct cabinet modelling that can be used to alter its tone characteristics. Only one amp model can be used at a time. The Zoom G3 has 94 stompbox presets chosen from the world’s most popular guitar pedals including distortion, compression, modulation, delay, and reverb. The HD Reverb uses DSP power to produce a resonance comparable to outboard gear used in studios. Use up to three effects in any combination, but only two effects in combinations that feature amp models or HD Reverb. The Zoom G3 pedal includes an integrated drum machine with over 40 different patterns, 4, 8 and 16-beat rhythm sequences, shuffle to choose from preset beats, and a tap key to set tempo and keep you in sync. The Zoom G3 pedal’s Tuner function provides precise guitar tuning accuracy. Hold down the Zoom G3 pedal’s center footswitch to tune with LCD displays and LED indicators designed for use on a dark stages plus a mute-able output for quiet tuning. Zoom’s Edit&Share software, available as a free download for the Zoom G3 pedal, allows you to create, edit and save amp and effect settings on your computer. Use radar charts to access visual representations of each preset’s tone characteristics, amp/effect sorting feature to locate sounds and drag-and-drop options to rearrange patches for editing. With Edit&Share, you can download the latest patches online, as well as share your patches with others. The Zoom G3 pedal can operate on three different power sources: the included AC adaptor, batteries, or USB bus power when plugged into your computer. Four AA batteries will power the Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal for over 6 hours. The Zoom G3 can also be powered by USB bus and DC9V center minus 500 mA Zoom power adapter.
  • Type: Guitar Multi-FX
  • Number of Effects: 107
  • Amp Modelling: Yes
  • Number of Models: 13 Amp Models
  • Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/4-inch, 1 x XLR
  • Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4-inch
  • Other Inputs: 1 x 1/4-inch Contol Input
  • Other Outputs: USB