Zoom G2Nu

Zoom G2Nu, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Pedal • Tuner: no • Expression pedal: no • Inputs: 6,3 mm jack • Outputs: 6,3 mm jack for headphones and Line • MIDI: no • USB Port: yes • Headphone Jack: yes • Presets: 100 User and 100 Factory Presets (20 Presets of which programmed by Steve Vai • Dimensions W/H/D: 166 x 160 x 64 mm • Weight: 0,8 kg • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Special Features: 83 effects ; 9 effect Modules; • Including: incl. mains adapter • Get an all-in-one practice, recording, and performing guitar effects pedal, with the Zoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal! With 30 amplifier models, a 16-bit 48 kHz USB audio inteface to record directly to a Mac or PC computer, a 40 PCM rhythm pattern drum machine, a 5-second phrase looper function, chromatic tuner, 83 effects, and 20 patches created by Steve Vai the Zoom G2Nu multi-effects stompbox provides eveything you need for live gigs, studio session or productive practice. Featuring completely redesigned drive sounds using advanced spectral analysis, impulse response and frequency response data, making all the new settings offered on theZoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal the most realistic modeller ever created. There are 20 models of legendary guitar amps and stomp boxes, with accurately fine-tuned sonic aspects like gain setting, range and harmonics character. In addition, you can choose from 10 original sounds created by ZOOM, designed for excellent clarity and presence, capturing your dynamic range adjustments and picking nuances that give you that truly expressive tone that you crave. The Zoom G2Nu guitar multi-effects pedal can function as a USB audio interface, letting you record directly to a computer connected via USB cable. All your sound settings used during rehearsal or a live performance can be recorded onto your DAW software. The Zoom G2NU pedal's direct monitoring capability eliminates any latency for accurate monitoring. All 30 drive sounds have a special modelling algorithm designed specifically for live recording. Simply turn on the DIRECT key on the top panel for dynamic amp sounds that recreate the ideal speaker cabinet characteristics over a flat response audio system or headphones. The Zoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal features 20 patches produced under the supervision of Steve Vai. Also included are dozens of presets that authentically recreate the vintage rock sounds of the sixties and seventies, plus the styles of many famous artists. The Zoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal includes nine modules with 83 high-quality and usable effects: MXR Dynacomp compressor, Vox Crybaby and other wah pedals, four types of chorus with great depth and ambience and six types of reverb providing transparent clarity. The frequency bands of the Zoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal's built-in 6-band graphic equalizer were designed specifically for electric guitar. In the crucial midrange, which determines a great deal about tonal quality (400 Hz, 800 Hz, 3.2 kHz, 6.4 kHz), peaking type characteristics are used. The low end (160 Hz) and high end (12 kHz) are adjusted with shelving type curves. This gives you the complete tone control capability normally found on high-end studio gear. The Zoom G2Nu guitar multi-effects pedal features studio-quality specifications such as a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB and noise floor of -100 dBm. Background noise is effectively eliminated, and ZOOM's proprietary ZNR noise reduction also removes unwanted noise. Even the tails of sustained notes come out beautifully, with natural release. While offering performance and functions far beyond its class, the Zoom G2Nu multi-effects pedal has a sturdy metal chassis that can stand up to the rigors of the road, yet, it’s still compact enough to fit into the pocket of a guitar case. Wherever you need a guitar multi-effects pedal, on tour, in the studio, or rehearsals, the Zoom G2Nu is ready to rock. Steinberg Cubase LE 4 bundled with the Zoom G2NU multi-effects pedal is powerful music production software for recording, editing, and mixing tasks both for audio and for MIDI. Cubase LE 4 incorporates the same audio engine as the more featured version Cubase 4, and is ideal as an entry into computer-based music production. Steinberg Cubase LE 4 is supported by Windows XP / Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.