Zoom B1

Zoom B1, Multi Effects Bass

Item number: 100041617
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Multi Effects Bass • Bass amp modelling multi-effects pedal • 46 high-quality effects • Auto-chromatic bass guitar tuner • Zoom ZFX-3 24-bit A/D/A 96kHz digital multi-effects processor • 110dB Signal To Noise Ratio • 8 Effects Modules • 13 Amp/Stomp Modelling • 40kHz frequency response • 3-Band EQ: Mid, High, Low • Synth Bass Sound • 5000 ms Long Delay Time • Built-in PCM drum machine and harmonized pitch shifter • 80 patches: 40 user defined and 40 preset patches • Operates on 4 AA batteries • The Zoom B1 gives you a tremendous selection of killer bass effects and amp models at an incredible price point. The B1 employs Zoom's ZFX-3 DSP chip with a 96kHz sampling rate to deliver frequency response out to 40kHz for amazingly accurate models of valve harmonics. The B1 24-bit AD/DA conversion offers excellent dynamic range and a signal to noise ratio of 110dB. The B1 provides a variety of effects categories: Comp/Limit, EFX, Drive, EQ, ZNR/Amp modeling, Modulation, and Reverb, and is loaded with 40 factory presets. The Zoom B1 will run for up to 12 hours continuously on 4 AA batteries. The Zoom B1 multi-effects bass pedal provides a total of 8 modules containing 46 effect types ranging from standard to advanced.The Harmonized Pitch Shifter can play along with you, all effects are designed for real-life musical applications. There are also amp and stompbox models along with a synth bass setting for endless hours of creative possibilities. The Zoom B1 contains realistic PCM drum samples arranged in a variety of rhythm patterns for different musical types. The 40 rhythm variations include steady 8-beats for rock and pop, funky 16-beats, jazzy 4-beats, shuffles for blues styles, and more. Rhythm training is easy, and a tap input lets you easily set tempos.

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