Zoom APQ-3HD

Zoom APQ-3HD, Digital Recorder Accessories

Item number: 10049897
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Digital Recorder Accessories • Accessories for Zoom Q3 HD Digital Recorder • HDMI Cable • Windscreen • Tripod • Transport Case • Power Supply • AV Cable • The Zoom APQ-3HD accessory pack includes everything needed to use your Zoom Q3HD in any kind of recording environment. An AC adapter to conserve battery life indoors, and a tripod stand for keeping your Zoom Q3HD steady while you record performances or presentations. If you're the one giving the presentation, you can dazzle your audience with video on your Q3HD by hooking it up to any TV for big-screen playback. Both standard-def and hi-def cables are included in the Zoom APQ-3HD accessory package. Protect your Zoom Q3HD in a the deluxe soft shell case. Also included is a windscreen to ensure noise-free audio even in windy conditions.