Zero 88 Frog 2 Theaterpult

Zero 88 Frog 2 Theaterpult, Light Controller

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Light Controller • Zero 88 Frog 2 Theatre Desk Following the phenomenal success of the Frog range over the last three years Zero 88 have developed the Frog 2 - a new console which takes the Frog philosophy of ease of use and value for money to a whole new level. Frog 2 will add a new dimension to the current Frog range of consoles. Designed to be used in the most demanding environments requiring lighting control the Frog 2 will appeal to users looking for ease of programming, comprehensive playback choices, live busking or stand alone control of architectural type events. The Frog 2 can control up to 2048 channels of DMX. DMX connection is either through traditional 5 Pin XLR connectors or via Ethernet. All the facilities needed for future RDM and ACN compatibility are included in the hardware. To allow for effective control the Frog 2 offers multiple cue stack playback, comprehensive palette selections and effects libraries. The use of macros allows for the automatic programming and playback of shows. For busking in live environments there are 2000 user definable buttons and 1000 faders that can be assigned to control anything from a single channel to a group of fixtures to a complete memory. Using macros these controls can be loaded from a memory or fr`om a cue stack as part of the running of a show. Comprehensive feedback is provided via two monitors and an onboard touch screen. It is also possible to display up to nine different sets of information simultaneously. It is possible to define specific user views to allow each user to have an operational environment best suited to their needs. Storing shows is possible on either a USB memory stick or using the built in CD writer. There are 3 USB ports on the Frog 2 making it possible to use a variety of USB accessories including touch screen monitors. The mechanical design of the Frog 2 has ensured that it has the smallest footprint possible while ensuring all the controls are ergonomically accessible. It is also possible to operate the console while it is in its flight-case base without damaging any connectors. Features: 2048 Channels 4 universes of DMX 1000 User definable faders Colour Touchscreen 3 x USB ports Parameter level programming Auto Palettes RDM and ACN hardware ready 2 opto isolated 5 Pin XLR’s per universe 200 Playback stacks 2000 User definable buttons 2 x SVGA Monitor ports CD Writer Comprehensive effects engine Ethernet connectivity
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