Z.Vex Super Hard-On Vexter

Z.Vex Super Hard-On Vexter

  • Effect Type: Booster
  • Technology: Analog
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Crackle Okay
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass
  • Including: Mains adapter (optional)
  • Ultratransparent boost
  • High-impedance input refuses current from your pickup
  • Ultrahigh output
  • Goes from unity gain to in excess of 8V peak
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Z.Vex Super Hard-On Vexter · Guitar Effect

The Vexter Super Hard On booster pedal is perfect for making the most of a classic amp and guitar, because it simply makes your guitar bigger and pushes the amp harder, causing natural overload.

The Z.VEX Super Hard On Vexter is a preamp and booster pedal with a very high input impedance. The result is that guitars played through the Super Hard On Vexter sound extremely fresh and transparent. The Super Hard On Vexter can also be used to raise the volume for solos. Its ultrahigh output drives your amp into natural overload. The output level can exceed 8 volts peak, and when it finally distorts, the wave is shaped like triode overload, not fuzz.

The ZVex Vexter Series Super Hard On is an ultratransparent boost that goes from unity gain to an over 8-volt peak, while adding high-end clarity with its 5 million-ohm input impedance.

Z.Vex Vexter
The Z.Vex - Vexter series is the affordable alternative to the hand-painted Z.Vex pedals. Identical internal parts and features in a standard housing.

Guitar Effect · Z.Vex Super Hard-On Vexter

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