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Yamaha F310 NT Package « Acoustic Guitar SetYamaha F310 NT Package, Acoustic Guitar Set£ 147,- Yamaha FX370C NT « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FX370C NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 260,- Yamaha HS7 « Active MonitorYamaha HS7, Active Monitor£ 173,- Yamaha LL-TA BS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha LL-TA BS, Acoustic Guitar£ 756,- Yamaha LS-TA « Acoustic GuitarYamaha LS-TA, Acoustic Guitar£ 869,- Yamaha APX700II BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX700II BL, Acoustic Guitar£ 582,- Yamaha CGS103 « Classical GuitarYamaha CGS103, Classical Guitar£ 121,- Yamaha DSR118W « Active PA-SpeakersYamaha DSR118W, Active PA-Speakers£ 886,- Yamaha TRBX505 TWH « Electric Bass GuitarYamaha TRBX505 TWH, Electric Bass Guitar£ 468,- Yamaha YCL-457II-20 « ClarinetYamaha YCL-457II-20, Clarinet£ 1.069,- Yamaha YFL-212 « Transverse FluteYamaha YFL-212, Transverse Flute£ 443,- Yamaha CG122MS « Classical GuitarYamaha CG122MS, Classical Guitar£ 225,- Yamaha DTX582K « Electronic Drum KitYamaha DTX582K, Electronic Drum Kit£ 1.182,- Yamaha MG-20XU « MixerYamaha MG-20XU, Mixer£ 626,- Yamaha Pacifica 112 YNS « Electric GuitarYamaha Pacifica 112 YNS, Electric Guitar£ 176,- Yamaha PSR-E453 Set IV « KeyboardYamaha PSR-E453 Set IV, Keyboard£ 295,- Yamaha PX10 « Power AmplifierYamaha PX10, Power Amplifier£ 735,- Yamaha SS950 « Snare StandYamaha SS950, Snare Stand£ 138,- Yamaha Stagepas 400i « Passive PA-SpeakersYamaha Stagepas 400i, Passive PA-Speakers£ 556,- Yamaha YAS-480 « Alto SaxophoneYamaha YAS-480, Alto Saxophone£ 1.348,- Yamaha BB425 BL « Electric Bass GuitarYamaha BB425 BL, Electric Bass Guitar£ 373,- Yamaha C40 « Classical GuitarYamaha C40, Classical Guitar£ 107,- Yamaha CBR12 « Passive PA-SpeakersYamaha CBR12, Passive PA-Speakers£ 213,- Yamaha CS650A « Cymbal StandYamaha CS650A, Cymbal Stand£ 60,- Yamaha DS840 « Drum ThroneYamaha DS840, Drum Throne£ 121,- Yamaha EMX7 « PowermixerYamaha EMX7, Powermixer£ 601,- Yamaha FG820-12 « Lefthand AcousticYamaha FG820-12, Lefthand Acoustic£ 338,- Yamaha FG830 TBS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FG830 TBS, Acoustic Guitar£ 347,- Yamaha FGX830C BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FGX830C BL, Acoustic Guitar£ 504,- Yamaha FSX800C RR « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FSX800C RR, Acoustic Guitar£ 347,- Yamaha HS8S « Active SubwooferYamaha HS8S, Active Subwoofer£ 409,- Yamaha Live Custom 14" x 5,5" Black Shadow Sunburst « Snare drumYamaha Live Custom 14" x 5,5" Black Shadow Sunburst, Snare drum£ 304,- Yamaha PSR-E263 « KeyboardYamaha PSR-E263, Keyboard£ 117,- Yamaha Silent Brass SB-6X « Silent-Brass SetYamaha Silent Brass SB-6X, Silent-Brass Set£ 170,- Yamaha SV200 CAR « Electric ViolinYamaha SV200 CAR, Electric Violin£ 1.129,- Yamaha TRBX305 CAR « Electric Bass GuitarYamaha TRBX305 CAR, Electric Bass Guitar£ 347,- Yamaha TRBX505 TBK « Electric Bass GuitarYamaha TRBX505 TBK, Electric Bass Guitar£ 433,- Yamaha WS860A « Double Tom StandYamaha WS860A, Double Tom Stand£ 138,- Yamaha YTR-3335 « Perinet TrumpetYamaha YTR-3335, Perinet Trumpet£ 511,- Yamaha YTR-4335 GII « Perinet TrumpetYamaha YTR-4335 GII, Perinet Trumpet£ 605,- Yamaha CL940LB « Tom MountYamaha CL940LB, Tom Mount£ 19,95 Yamaha CPX500III VS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX500III VS, Acoustic Guitar£ 312,- Yamaha CS40II « Classical GuitarYamaha CS40II, Classical Guitar£ 84,- Yamaha CS965 « Cymbal StandYamaha CS965, Cymbal Stand£ 104,- Yamaha CSAT924A « Percussion holderYamaha CSAT924A, Percussion holder£ 10,45 Yamaha DFP8500C « Bassdrum PedalYamaha DFP8500C, Bassdrum Pedal£ 242,- Yamaha DS750 « Drum ThroneYamaha DS750, Drum Throne£ 60,- Yamaha DS950 « Drum ThroneYamaha DS950, Drum Throne£ 138,- Yamaha EMX2 « PowermixerYamaha EMX2, Powermixer£ 347,- Yamaha FG800 BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FG800 BL, Acoustic Guitar£ 260,- Yamaha FG800 BS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FG800 BS, Acoustic Guitar£ 217,- Yamaha FX370C TBS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha FX370C TBS, Acoustic Guitar£ 260,- Yamaha HS5 « Active MonitorYamaha HS5, Active Monitor£ 147,- Yamaha HS5 W « Active MonitorYamaha HS5 W, Active Monitor£ 122,- Yamaha L-255 WH « Seats and StandsYamaha L-255 WH, Seats and Stands£ 135,- Yamaha L7S « Keyboard StandYamaha L7S, Keyboard Stand£ 178,- Yamaha MD-BT01 « MIDI InterfaceYamaha MD-BT01, MIDI Interface£ 42,65 Yamaha MG-06 « MixerYamaha MG-06, Mixer£ 86,- Yamaha MX61 II BL « SynthesizerYamaha MX61 II BL, Synthesizer£ 460,- Yamaha PA130 A « Keyboard AccessoriesYamaha PA130 A, Keyboard Accessories£ 21,70


The Yamaha Corporation is a world leader in the manufacturing of pro-audio equipment. Yamaha products are top sellers at Musik Produktiv; these top quality products offer a great value for their money.

Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887, the company has always been music orientated, thus, signified by the 3 tuning forks in the company logo. Originally Torakusu had been working as an instrument conservator, but started making own organs by 1889. In 1897 the Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd was founded, Torakusu became president.

In 1990 Yamaha started the production of pianos, two years later the first Grand’s were built. The first international attention was gained in 1904 when the company won the Honory Grand Prize for Pianos and Harmonies at the St. Louis World’s Fair. In 1914 the first Yamaha Harmonika was made. In 1922 Yamaha started to produce gramophones. In 1930 Yamaha opened the first ever acoustic lab and in 1942 the first acoustic guitar was made.

11 years later Yamaha expanded outside of Asia. In 1959 the Yamaha Technical Laboratories were set up. In the same year the first electronic instrument, the E-Organ was launched. In 1960 the first American office was opened. In 1965 wind instruments were added to the range, only a year later the company opened it´s first European office in Germany and started distributing guitars and drums.

In 1968 Yamaha introduced it´s first Hi-Fi-stereo equipment. In 1974 the portfolio was extended with speakers (Yamaha NS1000M), synthesizers (Yamaha CSY-1) and mixers (Yamaha PM-1000). In 1982 Yamaha made the first CD-players and the first disklavier. One year later Yamaha introduced the first FM synthesis based synthesizer, the Yamaha DX7, over 160.000 units were sold and it´s sound had a huge impact on the music of the 80´s. Since 1987 (the 100th anniversary of Yamaha) the official company name is YAMAHA CORPORATION.

In 1989 Yamaha introduced the first CD-Recorder. Yamaha was acquiring many small music instrument manufacturers at that time and even buying large shares of larger companies. Since 1993 Yamaha holds the majority of KORG shares, but KORG stayed an independent company with individual products. In 2004 the Stagea a further electronic organ was introduced and the famous music software company Steinberg was acquired. Here is a small range of the best known Yamaha products : Yamaha DX7-Serie (synthesizer), Yamaha PSR-D1, Yamaha SY77, Yamaha SY99, Yamaha Tyros-series (belongs to the PSR-series) (keyboards), Yamaha Clavinova-series, Yamaha PSR-series (Keyboards) and Yamaha Motif-series.