Yamaha YRS-312 BIII

Yamaha YRS-312 BIII, Soprano Recorder

Item number: 100020814
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Soprano Recorder • Tuning: C, a' = 442 Hz • Material: Plastic • Head: Plastic head • Finish: Imitation rosewood • Finger style: Baroque • Technology: Double hole • Type: 3 piece • Features: Low maintanence and tough. Ideal for beginners. • Accessories: Cover, Finger chart, Cleaner, Grease • Soprano recorder from Yamaha YRS-312BII If you are serious about your music... The 300 series offers a complete range of top quality recorders - from sopranino to bass. All these instruments deliver a rich body of sound, while providing the convenience of durable, maintenance-free ABS resin. Because of the range, of their tonal expression and their super playability, these recorders are fully competitive with more expensive wooden models. They come in a variety of styles, some offering simulated wood finishes. Features: In C Simulated rosewood finish Baroque system ABS Resin 3 piece construction With fingering chart, cleaning rod, recorder cream