Yamaha Xeno YSL-882 O open wrap

Yamaha Xeno YSL-882 O open wrap, Tenor Trombone

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Tenor Trombone • Tenor Trombone • Tuning: Bb • Bore: L • Bore: 13,89 mm • Bore in inches: 0,547 • Bell size: 220 mm (8 2/3") • Material: Brass • Bell material: Gold brass • Finish: Gold lacquer • Mouthpiece shaft: Wide • Valves: Quart valve • Slides: Brass slide • Special features: Sullivan Signature mouthpiece • Features: Multiple sounds, balanced sound, very light response • Accessories: Case, mouthpiece, slide cream, cleaning cloth • YSL 882 0 Xeno Series of Trombone from Yamaha The Ultimate Orchestral Style Trombone Has Arrived! The rumours were floating around for years: there was a great ‘heavy-style’ trombone available in Japan, and in Japan only. The only ones who had ever seen it were musicians touring in Japan. It was called the Xeno and a lot of those players really liked it. Now it is available to the rest of the world. The Xeno features heavier gauge brass and a thick-walled, one-piece brazed bell which has been hand-hammered thousands of times for the ultimate in a big orchestral sound. The open-wrap F section gives a free-blowing response and the entire instrument has an evenness and balance you have to experience to believe. The tone is flexible with myriad tonal colors, and gives you both powerful projection at fortissimo and subtle control in the most delicate passages. This may well be the most expressive orchestral style trombone ever created. Sullivan Signature Mouthpiece Principal trombone of the Pittsburgh Symphony, Peter Sullivan was one of the primary design consultants behind the Xeno trombones (along with Alain Trudel and Thomas Horch). The Sullivan signature mouthpiece is perfectly suited for use with the Xeno, and is included with every case. Features: Key: Bb/F Bore: 13.89mm (0.547") Bell: Yellow-brass, 220.0mm (8 2/3") Weight: Heavy Finish: Clear lacquer Mouthpiece shank: Large Mouthpiece: Sullivan Signature