Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X for Trumpet/Cornet

Yamaha Silent Brass SB7X for Trumpet/Cornet, Silent-Brass Set

Item number: 10071266
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Silent-Brass Set • Set comprises of:
Dampfer • Personal-Studio • Cable • Headphones • The Silent Brass system consists of a damper which can be connected to a personal studio. Thanks to this control device, you can import background music from MP3 player or CD player. In addition, the volume can be infinitely controlled via a rotary knob. A practical Hall function can be switched on, so that the acoustics of a church are imitated. The current revised Silent Brass has a new control unit. The damper is less resistance than the previous version and has a higher quality microphone. The Silent Brass System dampens volume very effectively which makes it ideal for those late night practice sessions. The Silent Brass System is extendable and can be combined with another. A trumpet player, who already owns the entire set for trumpet, can only buy the loose damper for flugelhorn and can connect the controller from Trumpet set.

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