Yamaha SD465AMK Manu Katche

Yamaha SD465AMK Manu Katche, Snare drum

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Snare drum • Shell Diameter: 14" (35,56 cm) • Shell Depth: 6,5" (16,51 cm) • Shell Material: Brass • Shell surface: Black Nickelplated • Rims: Cast • Tuning screws: 10 • Shell hardware: Chrome • Colour / Finish: Black • Signature Model • Yamaha Signature Snares SD465MK Manu Katche 14" x 6.5" brass snare in a black finish Features: Rim cast in a mold - remains round and rigid to provide immediate response and fast decay Medium Pitch - creates a clear, powerful sound Plastic spacer between hardware and shell - to reduce dampening of the natural vibration and to protect the finish of the shell. Size 14" x 6 1/2" Shell seamless brass, 45 degree edge Rim aluminum die-cast Snare 20 strand, stainless steel, standard length Release-side strainer standard design, vertical adjustment; key bolt fasteners with isolator Butt-side strainer Vertical adjustment, smooth action, key bolt fasteners with isolator Lug 10 one-piece high-tension with isolator and locking nut Finish Black Nickel Alloy Sound characteristics medium pitch, full fat tone, great attack and projection