Yamaha P5000S

Yamaha P5000S, Power Amplifier

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Power Amplifier • Number of channels: 2 • Amplifier Technology: EEE Engine with conventional MOSFETs • Power at 8 ohms / channel: 500 W • Power at 4 ohms /channel: 700 W • Bridged power at 8 Ohms: 1.400 W • Fan: Yes • Inputs: XLR and ¼" jack • Outputs: Speakon and binding post • Weight: 14,0 kg • Height (U): 2U • Features: YSP-controller; limiter • Features • EEE engine mit MOSFET power • 2 x 500 watt at 8 ohms • 2 x 700 watts at 4 ohms • Bridge mode delivering 1.400 watts to a 8 ohm Load • Inputs: XLR-3-31 type/ch, 1/4" • Output: SPEAKON, 5-way biding post, 1/4" phone/ch • Parallel- and mono bridge mode, YSP-controller and Limiter • 19"/2U, depth 456 mm • Weight 14 kg The new models represent an upgrade to the already industry standard P series range and have been designed specifically to deliver a combination of high - output power and extremely efficient operation. Applications will include live sound, installation and other mid sized permanent or mobile sound reinforcement applications. The P2500S, P3500S, P5000S and P7000S deliver Engineered for maximum power and application flexibility the P series amps provide three output modes: normal Stereo Mode routes separate input signals to independent channels with L/R signal control: Parallel Mode routes a single input to two independent channel with L/R signal control and Bridged Mono Mode, which provides the highest power output. All models also feature switchable, sweepable filters on each input channel which can be set to "low pass" to allow the amplifier to easy function as a subwoofer amplifier, or " high pass "when low frequencies require attenuation. The range of these filters is 25Hz - 150Hz. The combination of Yamaha’s exclusive EEEngine technology with MOSFET circuitry ensure the P series to perform with exceptional efficiency with upgraded on-board limiters providing optimum protection against hard clipping. All four models also offer integrated Yamaha Speaker Processing ( YSP) circuitry, accessible from a rear mounted switch which enhances the audio performance of Yamaha¹s market leading American series speakers. The convenient 2-U design features front panel 31 position input attenuators and signal indicators, and each channel contains both balanced XLR and balanced input connectors with SPEAKON and 5 pole binding post output connections.