Yamaha N8

Yamaha N8, Digital Mixer

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Digital Mixer • Channel volume control: 60 mm fader • 8-channel Digital Mixer and FireWire Audio Interface • 8-channels / 2-bus • 4 x microphone preamps • 7 x 60 mm faders • 1 aux send • 24-bit 96kHz • Channels 1-4: XLR/TRS jacks with Inserts and +48V Phantom Power; Channel 4 supports Hi-Z input switchable • Channels 5-8: Unbalanced Phone jacks /RCA jacks • 2 Track In: RCA jacks • Stereo out: TRS/RCA jacks Left/Right • Control Room out A/B/C: TRS jacks Left/Right • Aux out 1/2: TRS jacks • 2 x IEEE1394 FireWire • MIDI In/Out • Footswitch input • Cubase AI4 Software included • The Yamaha n8 is a digital mixing console with an analog-like mixing interface for ease of operation for professional-quality recording and mix-down. Connecting a computer to the mixer's 16 input/output IEEE 1394 FireWire audio interface enables you to configure a DAW system recording into the included Cubase. The mixer can handle up to 12 analog channel inputs, mixing them to stereo outputs and the 16 input/outout FireWire audio interface to record them in a digital audio workstation DAW. Yamaha's n8 is an eight channel 24-bit 96-kHz digital mixer with integrated FireWire audio interface for Cubase. 4 x XLR microphone inputs with phantom power on CH 1-4 and 4 x 1/4" line inputs on CH 1-4, 4 x 1/4", RCA on CH 5-8 Stereo, 2 x RCA 2TR. Connect an electric guitar or bass directly to the Hi-Z B input of channel 4. All input channels feature a full 3-band (high/mid/low) equalizer and share a built-in digital reverb. The n8 has source selectors for DAW (the stereo output from the DAW running on your computer), ST (the console's stereo bus), AUX (the console's auxiliary bus), and 2TR (the console's 2-track inputs). The n8 supports two different modes of the way it works together with the connected DAW: In the Stereo Mix mode the n8 will monitor the Stereo Output from the DAW. The Hardware Mix mode enables you to mix the audio tracks from the DAW through the hardware of the n8.