Yamaha N12

Yamaha N12, Digital Mixer

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Digital Mixer • Inputs: 8x microphone XLR / line jack; 2 x stereo line jack • Inserts: For mono channels • EQ Mono / Stereo channel: 3 Band EQ with semi parametric mids • AUX send/stereo return: 1 x post / none • Channel volume control: 60 mm fader • Outputs: Main mix out/balanced. Stereo 1/4-inch jack • Features: FireWire interface • 12-channel 2-bus Mixer FireWire Audio Interface • Channels 1-8: XLR/TRS jacks with Inserts and +48V Phantom Power; Channel 8 supports Hi-Z input (switchable) • Channels 9-12: Unbalanced Phone jacks /RCA jacks • 2 Track In: RCA jacks • Stereo out: TRS/RCA jacks L/R • Control Room out A/B/C: TRS jacks L/R • Aux out 1/2: TRS jacks • 2 x IEEE1394 FireWire • MIDI I/O • Beneath the standard analogue mixing desk front panel, the Yamaha N12 contains a powerful 12-input channel 24-bit/96kHz digital mixer that creates a complete audio production center when combined with the bundled Steinberg Cubase Advanced Integration software and a Mac or Windows PC DAW. The N12 contains no layers or multi-function controls, not even an LCD display. Each control operates a single function, making the Yamaha N12 digital mixer easy to learn and operate. Connect the Yamaha N12 digital mixer to a Mac or PC DAW via the FireWire port and record the N12 input signals to Steinberg Cubase, or mix Cubase audio tracks on the N12, selectable via the N12 Input Select switch. The Yamaha N12 mixer can handle up to 12 channel inputs mixing them to stereo outputs. 8 class-A mono inputs feature both balanced TRS phone and XLR jacks with +48V phantom power supply for connection a wide range of instruments and devices, from condenser microphones to synthesizers and other line-level instruments. Input channel 8 features a true Hi-Z input for direct connection of electric guitars or bass. Stereo inputs on channels 9 - 12 on unbalanced Phone jacks /RCA jacks. The DAW remote control function on the Yamaha N12 digital mixer offers transport controls, track select controls, recording status. In Stereo Mix mode the Yamaha N12 monitors the DAW Stereo Output, Hardware Mix mode allows mixing the audio tracks from the DAW through the N12 mixer hardware, and 5.1 Mix mode allows a surround mix with Steinberg Cubase 4. Processing on the Yamaha N12 digital mixer includes musical 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids, a Yamaha Rev-X digital reverb shared by all input channels and the returns from the DAW, and Yamaha's Sweet Spot Morphing compressor with allows morphing between five preset compression settings with Drive control to determine the amount of compression.