Yamaha Meisterklasse YCL-SEV-E

Yamaha Meisterklasse YCL-SEV-E, Clarinet

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Clarinet • Finger style: Boehm system • Tuning: Bb • Pitch: 442 Hz • Number of keys: 17 • Rings: 6 • Material: African blackwood • Keywork material: Nickel silver, plated • Mouthpiece: CL4 cm • Barrel: 65 mm • Accessories: Mouthpiece, case, care products • Yamaha Masterclass YCL-SEV-E clarinet as the SEV but with an Eb lever Yamaha´s V series clarinets represent the very pinnacle of the art of clarinet making. Hand-crafted of the finest select grenadilla with a unique new inner bore configuration, they offer a sonority and playability which must be experienced to be believed. The YCL-SEV has been created for players who prefer a round warm sound, and has an abundance of rich overtones. It has metal joint rings for increased tonal resonance. Features: Eb lever Böhm system Bb Clarinet 65mm barrel 17 keys, 6 rings Grenadilla body Keys: Silver-plated Ligature and mouthpiece cap: Silver-plated Mouthpiece: Custom Ebonite 4CM Tapered Tone holes with hand-tapered undercut