Yamaha HS650A

Yamaha HS650A, Hi-Hat Stand

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Hi-Hat Stand • Braces: Single • Number of Feet: 3 • Drive: Chain • Spring Tension: Fixed • Special Features: Light version • Accessories: Tuning key • Yamaha 600 HS650 Hi-Hat stand Hi-Hat Stands Yamaha´s five hi-hat stands range from the entry-level HS650, with single-braced tripod and normal sized rubber feet, up to the state-of-the-art HS1100 with a host of refined features. Like the HS650, the HS740 has a single-braced tripod, but this can be rotated for convenience of positioning. The HS740 also has an 11-increment spring tensioner. The HS950 has a double-braced tripod which can also be rotated. And it features foot-board angle adjustment and large rubber feet with retractable spikes for extra grip. The big rubber feet offer excellent grip yet are equipped with a spike fpr those times when neede. The spike can be manually extended, retracted and set with a drum key. From the simplest, lightest designs to the most sophisticated, feature-packed models, legendary Yamaha engineering ensures their range of hi-hat stands is second to none.