Yamaha DTX900

Yamaha DTX900, Drum Module

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Drum Module • Drum Kits: 50 preset + 50 user • Sounds: 1115 drum + 211 melody • Trigger inputs: 15 • Outputs: 6 x single • Headphone Output: 1/4-inch stereo jack • MIDI: in. out • Inputs: 1/4-inch stereo jack • Metronome: yes • Special Features: Sampling function • Accessories: AC Adapter • Polyphonie 64 Notes • 64 MB Wave • 16 bit sampling • 1.016 samples • Aux-in/Sampling-in • Drum module with 50 Manufacturer and 50 User Kits, 1,115 Drums, 211 Other Instruments and Effects • The Yamaha DTX900 Electronic Drum Trigger Module provides acoustic drum sounds with a broad range of MOTIF synth voices for a total of 1,326 voices. These sounds include super-realistic drum sounds and sampled world percussion. In addition to percussion sounds, the DTX900 includes over 200 GM melody voices from Yamaha's MOTIF keyboards. And because the DTX900 can interpret Yamaha's XP triggers, you get an enhanced dynamic range that lets you play with full expression. The DTX900 drum trigger module's Expanded Articulation System creates subtly different samples even when you strike the drum with the same strength. This module is equipped with DSP effects including global effects, such as reverb and chorus, which are applied to the whole system, as well as variation effects that can be used on individual drum kits. The trigger module is equipped with a chain function that programs drum kits in any order desired. Even during a live performance, you can switch to another drum kit easily just by hitting a pad. The DTX900 also features internal recordings of 87 songs from a wide variety of genres. Mute the drum part and play along with a song, and also record your own performance.
  • 1,326 acoustic drum samples and MOTIF-Series synth sounds
  • Expanded Articulation System provides natural snare rolls and legato rides
  • DSP effects include global effects and variation effects
  • Chain function to program drum kits in any order
  • Sample through various inputs including Aux In and USB
  • Trigger multiple sounds either simultaneously or sequentially on one pad
  • Metronome with a variety of click options
  • Groove check function checks accuracy of timing and analyzes play
  • Rhythm gate function only allows sounds through that are in time
  • MIDI and USB connectors allow triggers (sold separately) to be used as MIDI controllers
  • Module sliders can also be used to control DAW
  • Includes Steinberg Cubase AI 5
  • Individual Outputs allow multi-racking
  • S/PDIF coaxial output
  • Drum Kits: 50 Manufacturer, 50 User
  • Instruments: 1,115 Drum, 211 Other
  • Effects: Yes
  • Module Trigger Inputs: 15 + Hi-Hat Controller
  • Module Analog Inputs: 1 x TRS
  • Module Analog Outputs: 2 x TRS, 6 x TS, 1 x TRS Headphone, 1 x Digital S/PDIF Coax
  • Module MIDI I/O: In, Out