Yamaha Clavinova CLP-465 GP

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-465 GP, Digital Piano

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Digital Piano • Keyboard type: Graded Hammer mechanics (GH3) • Keys: 88 keys • Polyphony: 128 • Special Features: RGE Real Grand Expression Sound Engine • Power (watts rms): 2x 40 W • Colour / Finish: Black • Finish: High gloss • Key Cover: Yes, with panel cover clips on the music stand • The Clavinova range from Yamaha is incredibly popularity for some very good reasons, and those reasons are at their most apparent in their flagship model, the CLP-465GP. The Clavinova range was among the first of its kind, a digital piano range designed to look, play and sound like an acoustic piano, but with all of the advantages that a digital instrument offers (i.e. they’re far lighter in weight, don’t require tuning, are much, much less susceptible to damage from changes in temperature and humidity, and can be used with headphones for quiet practice). Yamaha had created a winning formula, dominating the market ever since, and the name ‘Clavinova’ has become interchangeable with the words ‘digital piano’ in some quarters. Whilst the technology has moved on dramatically since those early instruments built in 1985, the premise of creating a digital instrument that sounds and feels like an acoustic instrument has not. The CLP-465GP is the culmination of Yamaha ‘s current CLP Clavinova technology. Digital Grand Piano with “Real Grand Expression” Built into a baby-grand style cabinet, the CLP-465 shares the elegant appearance of its acoustic ancestors. But, as the saying goes, ‘looks are only skin deep’, and in this respect, it is beneath the surface that this beautiful instrument really strives to emulate an acoustic piano. The keyboard features Yamaha ‘s superb GH3 (graded hammer 3) weighted hammer action, providing the player with an authentic, expressive, connection between the player and the instrument. In terms of this piano’s sound, the CLP-465GP features Yamaha Real Grand Expression technology. Sampled meticulously from a selected Yamaha grand, with both each note and the piano as a whole, complete with pedal functionality, recorded and adjusted to provide the ultimate dynamic, expressive digital piano. And, if you wish to maximise the the ‘acoustic’ appearance of this cutting edge technology, a panel slides out, if required, to cover the piano’s controls. Incredible Piano Tone at any Volume One of the major advantages of the CLP-465GP ‘s grand-piano design is that it features a larger speaker system than upright models, resulting in richer, fuller tone. And, to ensure that this tone is preserved regardless of whether you are playing at a recital, or at quiet practice at home, the 465GP features Intelligent Acoustic Control. This adjusts bass and treble volumes independently, according to overall volume, such that bass and treble frequencies are not lost at lower levels, and the optimum piano tone is heard. A selection of additional sounds, range from classic organs and harpsichords to strings and guitar, are also provided, massively increasing the versatility of this instrument. Another key feature of the CLP-465GP is the onboard two-track recorder. Allowing the user to record either ‘left’ and ‘right’ hand parts separately, or each part of a duet separately, this is a great aid to practice. In addition, the performance can be recorded as an audio track (WAV format), which can then be copied across to computer and either burnt to a CD, converted to MP3 and stored on an iPod or taken into computer software and added to further… Other features geared towards the learner, or simply towards effective practice, are the addition of a metronome and an extra headphone output.