Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430 B Bundle

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-430 B Bundle, Digital Piano

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Digital Piano • Keyboard type: Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) • Keys: 88 keys • sound generation: Real Grand Expression (RGE sound generation) • Sounds / Tones: 14 sounds • Piano Effects: Damping and string resonance • Polyphony: 128 • Modes: Dual mode • Metronome: Yes • Sequencer: 10 songs, 2 tracks • MP3/WAV Player/Recorder: Wave Player and Recorder • Connections: 2 x Phones, Aux in, Aux out, MIDI (in/out/thru), USB to Host, USB to Device • Memory: USB Flash drive • Power (watts rms): 2x 30 W • Display: LED • Colour / Finish: Black • Finish: satined • Weight: 60,5 kg • Key Cover: Yes, with cover panel • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1420 x 907 x 513 mm • Including: Power cable, user manual • A Yamaha CLP-430 B Black Satin keyboard bundled with a matching Collins PB-100 Satin Black Piano Stool and a pair of Sennheiser HD-201 stereo headphones. The Yamaha CLP430 Black Satin is a full sized, 88 weighted key piano with a distinguished touch and tone that is characteristic of the Clavinova series. Featuring the latest GH3 keyboard, this piano is ideal for all serious musicians wishing to replicate the sound and tonal clarity of a true grand piano. Bristling with features, the CLP430 combines the touch and feel of an acoustic grand piano with a range of touch sensitivity modes: hard, medium, soft and fixed, which are adjustable for the genre of music you are playing. With three pedals (damper, sostenuto and soft) the CLP430s are perfect for complex pieces requiring clear and refined tone; great for classical as well as more rocky styles of composition. With a maximum 128-note polyphony, smooth release and damper resonance, you are truly in control of every aspect of your playing. When combined with a clear 7-segment LED display, and an array of effects, such as reverb, brilliance and dual layering, you have an instrument that is perfect for use in the home, practice studios and schools. With 14 voice samples and 50 piano samples, you will never tire of the musical possibilities the Yamaha CLP430PE has to offer. The CLP430 is also highly functional, featuring an inbuilt sliding key cover, keeping dust, crumbs and liquids away from the keyboard mechanism. This eradicates the need for loose fitting plastic key covers, and gives the piano a sleek, stylish look. The CLP430 also comes with a music rest and a headphones hanger, and is driven by a 25 W power supply. The CLP430 boasts an impressive range of storage and connectivity functions, including a 2HD, 2DD floppy disk drive and a ~1.5 MB flash memory, ideal for recording your tracks and playing along in real-time. There is a good external connectivity too with a USB flash memory, memory card (SmartMedia) with external adapter, enabling you to transfer your tracks and compositions between your Clavinova and computer. With standard MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU) and AUX IN/AUX OUT the CLP430 can be linked up to software such as Cubase and Sibelius etc, allowing you to enter your musical parts in real-time as you play. There is USB-DEVICE and USB-HOST connectivity, enabling you to edit your performance data. For piano connoisseurs, the CLP430 features Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), carefully balancing the lower tones of the piano with the higher, meaning that a clean and defined tone is achieved at low registers. The next-generation RGE Sound Engine improves playing response and sensitivity, mimicking the sound of a concert grand piano. The smooth release function, refined via feedback from many pianists, replicates the touch (graded hammer action) of a concert grand, producing a resonance that lingers upon release of the fingers, perfect for those trills and tricky intricate passages. The sound quality of the CLP430 is impressive, as extensive samples have been taken from a concert grand to provide a rich and full resonance at all registers. This is perfectly matched by the pianos speaker system: 30W x 2 (16cm x 2). The Yamaha CLP430 also features USB audio playback and recording (WAV) with tempo range, transpose and tuning as standard. Ideal for both budding pianists and serious musicians alike, the CLP430 certainly offers a great deal, and will enhance your musical variety and performance.

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