Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Black

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Black, Synthesizer

Item number: 10052108
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Synthesizer • Synthesizer • Synthesis: Virtual analog, wavetable, and sample oscillators (3 per voice) • Keyboard: Light weighted and velocity sensitive • Keys: 49 keys • Aftertouch: yes • Polyphony: max 25 • Special Features: Rugger metal housing, all Q Osciallator models • USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out, USB to Host • Playing Aids: Modulation, Pitch Bend, 7 Endless knobs, 8 buttons, powerful Arpeggiator • Wave ROM: 60 MB, more than1024 Sounds • Display: Graphic Display (128 x 64 Pixels) • Pedal/Controller Connection: Sustain pedal • Other Connections: 1 x Headphones, Line out • Colour / Finish: Black • Size (WxHxD): not specified • Weight: 8,0 kg • Including: Power cord, manual CD-ROM • 60 MB Sample Storage • Virtual-analogue-, wavetable- and Sample-Oszillators • 49 high-quality light weighted keys with touch sensitivity and aftertouch • Internal mains adapter (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz) • Pitch bend wheel • Modulation wheel • Sustain pedal • Octave Up/Down switch • Robust steel chassis • Graphic display 128 x 64 pixel • LED background illumination • more than 1000 sounds • Not only on the outside, but also from within – Waldorf Blofelds Synthesizer has put on weight! The 49-key Waldorf Blofeld keyboard is set apart by its sample memory flexibility as it enables the player to import sample libraries. This semi-weighted Waldorf keyboard has a professional feel with velocity and aftertouch. Other features include virtual-analog synthesis and wavetables, 60 megabytes of sample memory, pitchblend and modulation wheels, sustain pedal connection, a large graphic display, oscillator and filter modulations, stainless steel rotaries, and an internal power supply—all in a sleek metal enclosure. Next to the virtual analogue synthesizer and classic wave tables, 60 MB sample storage has been added on. Just imagine adding a sound-like flush, a virtual analogue solo sound and a crispy touch sample to the typical wave table, or alienating other samples with numerous oszillator- and filter-modules. You can play your sound creation on the high-quality Blofeld Keyboard which is not only touch sensitive, but also reacts to after touch. Pitch bend- and module-balls are available and a sustain pedal can also be connected. All of these Waldorf features are wrapped in a thin metal jacket with a large graphic display, endless controllers made out of high-grade steel and an intern adapter.