VOX ToneLab ST

VOX ToneLab ST, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Modelling: 33 amp models, 11 Box models, 25 effects • Amp modelling: yes • Tuner: yes • Drum machine: no • Expression pedal: yes • Outputs: Stereo-output • USB Port: yes • Presets: 50 memory (of which 20 Song Presets); 50 self editable • Dimensions W/H/D: 270 x 70 x 180 mm • Weight: 1,6 kg • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Special Features: Expression pedal not only usable as Wah or volume, but also for realtime influence for almost any Parameter • The VOX Valvetronix ToneLab ST guitar modelling processor packs a stunning amount of valve-driven flexibility into a compact floor pedal. This super-portable Valvetronix multi-effects processor includes 33 amp models, 25 effects, and an ASIO-compatible USB audio interface so you can use it as a front end for recording guitar to a computer. The VOX ToneLab ST is also features an expression pedal and a built-in tuner for added functionality. Add true valve tones to your guitar rig without spending a fortune with the VOX ToneLab ST! Designed for mobility, the compact VOXToneLab ST features a rugged metal body that will stand up to life on the road. The VOX Valvetronix series includes valve circuitry with a real 12AX7 valve to cleanly mimic the interaction that occurs in a valve amplifier in a way no digital emulation circuit can. This distinguishes the VOX ToneLab ST from other manufacturer's guitar modelling processors. This fundamental difference is the basis for the awesome sonic power available in the ToneLab ST that no other multi-effect processor can match. VOX ToneLab ST is equipped with thirty-three spot-on amp simulations, including vintage amps, boutique amps, modern high-gain amps, plus entirely new amp models designed by VOX. The VOX ToneLab ST also adds eleven classic cabinet configurations that can be mixed and matched with any amp model for a total of 363 amp and cabinet combinations. The ToneLab ST has a modelled five part signal chain with stompbox effects,amp and cab combination, modulation and delay effect, and reverb. Each of the five elements can be switched in or out of the signal chain. There are fifty factory preset programs covering a range of styles. The preset programs include twenty song programs, able to reproduce the familiar sounds of great guitar songs. In addition to the factory presets, the ToneLab ST can store fifty of your custom edited programs. Together with the preset programs, this gives you a total of one hundred programs. The VOX ToneLab ST includes an expression pedal to control various tone shaping effects and parameters as you play. In addition to volume and wah, the expression pedal controls realtime effect parameters - amplifier gain, tremolo speed, flanger depth, etc - providing a dramatic leap in expressive potential. The Quick Assign function lets you assign any effect parameter on the fly. By specifying the range of control, you can quickly create highly original performance settings. VOX ToneLab ST is a complete ASIO-compatible USB audio interface. With a single USB connection, the ToneLab ST will interface with your computer DAW or sequencing software, sending and receiving two channels of audio. ToneLab ST delivers the signal to your computer digitally with no degradation in sound quality for flawless recordings. Librarian software for Windows / Mac for managing ToneLab ST programs is available as a free download, and allows easy exchange of data between VOX ToneLab ST users. An auto-chromatic tuner featuring great visibility is built in the VOX Valvetronix Tonelab ST. Mute and bypass functions allow you to tune unnoticed while on stage. The ToneLab ST's Amp / Line switch lets you instantly apply the appropriate compensation for a guitar amp, power amp or direct recording connection. There's also an AUX IN jack so you can play along with CD or MP3 recordings of your favorite band. Compact in size, the on-the-go VOX ToneLab ST is big on features and huge on tone.