VOX ToneLab EX

VOX ToneLab EX, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Modelling: 33 Amp-Modell, 11 Box and 45 Premium effects; up to 9 can used simultaneously; 11 Distortion Pedale; 15 foot pedal effects; 11 Modulation effects • Amp modelling: yes • Tuner: yes • Drum machine: no • Expression pedal: yes • Inputs: AUX-In for CD, MP etc. • MIDI: no • USB Port: yes • Headphone Jack: no • Presets: 100 User and 100 factory Presets; incl. 50 Song-Presets • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Special Features: Original VOX tubular graded switching with 12AX7 valve; incl. 3 types of reverb; built-in Stereo monitor-speakers • Including: incl. mains adapter • The VOX ToneLab EX Valvetronix multi-effects pedal is specifically designed for live gigging, with a durable metal chassis, and a full-size expression pedal for realtime control of the wah and volume effects plus control over the parameters of a variety of effects, plus miniature stereo speakers to listen to your sound backstage without having to connect a guitar amp or headphones. The VOX ToneLab EX includes 200 programs designed for live guitarists. At the heart of the VOX ToneLab EX, there's a real 12AX7 valve, the same valve used in many of today's valve amplifiers. Combined with Vox's Valvetronix technology, this analog circuitry gives you incredibly realistic drive and breakup sound. The VOX Tonelab EX Valvetronix multi-effects pedal packs a stunning amount of valve driven flexibility into a compact pedalboard. The VOX ToneLab EX pedal provides 11 stand-alone distortion pedals which can be used in place of one of the amp head models. The super-portable VOX ToneLab EX Valvetronix multi-effects processor boasts 33 amp models, 45 effects, and an ASIO-compatible USB audio interface to manage the editing of your presets on a computer. The VOX ToneLab EX multi-effects pedal is also equipped with an expression pedal and a built-in chromatic tuner for added functionality. The VOX ToneLab EX pedal features two effects modes: Program Select mode where the pedal switches are used to call up the bank and select a program, and Stomp-Box mode where the effects assigned to the current program are assigned to the foot switches, so that each effect can be turned on and off individually as you play. Stomp-Box mode is for when you are using the same effects throughout a song, but might only need the delay on during the solo. The VOX ToneLab EX pedal's output jacks provide an Amp / Line switch. Line for recording, connecting to a mixing desk, with the Total Equalizer feature to shape the final tone of your sound through the connected system. Amp when connecting to a guitar amplifier, and select either VOX for VOX amps, F for a mostly clean, open back American combo amp, or M when using a separate head and a sealed cabinet. This ensures that you'll be able to maximize the VOX ToneLab EX pedal's sonic potential in any situation. An AUX IN jack to connect an external audio CD / MP3 player so that you can jam along with the sound of your favorite bands. The VOX Tonelab EX Valvetronix multi-effects pedal's valve circuitry features a real 12AX7 valve to cleanly mimic the interaction that occurs in a valve amplifier in a way no digital circuit can. This distinguishes the VOX ToneLab EX from other manufacturer's modelling pedals. This fundamental difference is the basis for the awesome sonic power available in the VOX ToneLab EX Valvetronix that no other multi-effect pedal can obtain.