Vox Signature ICE 9 Joe Satriani

Vox Signature ICE 9 Joe Satriani, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • Special Features: Signature Model • Vox ICE9 overdrive guitar effects pedal.
Developed with Joe Satriani • Named after a tune on Satriani's Surfing with the Alien • Overdrive sounds from Surfing with the Alien • See the cat...Busy busy busy • Two voices of overdrive: Vintage or Modern • Modern mode a germanium diode offers up an aggressive overdrive • Gain and Volume knobs offer exacting distortion control • Tone and Bass controls deliver detailed tone-shaping • Signature Joe Satriani More button boosts the gain • Chicken head knobs • Controls: gain, tone, bass, volume, On/Off switch, More switch, Vintage/Modern switch • 1/4-inch input and output • Power by 9V included battery or optional 9V power supply. • The VOX Ice 9 Joe Satriani overdrive guitar effects pedal provides two distinct overdrive modes Vintage and Modern, versatile tone-shaping with Gain and Volume knobs for control of distortion and Tone and Bass controls for detailed EQ, and the Joe Satriani More switch with an additional 14 dB of volume boost, for a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains easy to use. Designed by Joe Satriani, the VOX Ice 9 overdrive pedal's Vintage / Modern overdrive voice switch chooses between warm and classic overdrive from a special op amp and premium diodes in the Vintage mode, or aggressive, cutting edge Modern overdrive from a a Germanium diode. When you overdrive something with too much level it distorts. For guitarists, there is a distinction between overdrive and distortion. For guitarists distortion generally means extreme distortion and is associated with a buzzing or fuzz type of sound. Overdrive represents semi-distortion with increased harmonics and presence, but not the same as all out distortion. A sort of mild distortion with the character of the guitar coming through.