VOX Satchurator Joe Satriani

VOX Satchurator Joe Satriani, Guitar Effect

Item number: 100054724
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Booster • Special Features: Signature Model • Analog distortion pedal designed under the complete supervision of Joe Satriani • Controls for Gain, Tone and Volume • 'More' gain boost switch enables two footswitchable distortion sounds in one pedal. This gain boost is dramatic when gain knob is set low, and is a subtle solo boost when gain knob is set to maximum. • 'Pad' switch pads down input to allow for high gain pedals (such as modern wahs) placed before Satchurator. Up is pad 'ON'. Down is pad 'OFF' for full Satchurator effect. • High gain, low noise design provides vintage to modern distortion sounds • Dynamic circuit is highly responsive to rolling off the guitar's volume and preserves the guitar's high end when the volume is rolled off. • Cream chicken-head knobs for precise positioning and high visibility on dark stages • The VOX Satchurator Joe Satriani guitar effects pedal recaptures sought-after vintage and modern sounds in a powerful, versatile, and extremely musical pedal design. Designed to Satrianis specification, the VOX Satchurator produces Satrianis signature tone and adds features and improvements never before combined in a distortion pedal.