VOX Big Bad Wah Joe Satriani

VOX Big Bad Wah Joe Satriani, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Wah-Wah • Special Features: Signature Model • Joe Satriani-designed wah tones and smooth, musical pedal pot • Two switchable Wah Voices • Wah 1 features a VOX-style British sound • Wah 2 provides Joe Satriani's original drive and voice controls, and is user-customizable, with selectable inductors and a Drive Knob 10dB boost when Drive Knob is at its maximum setting • Inductor button chooses UK or US style wah inductor • Controls: Pedal Controller, Drive Knob, Voice Switch, Inductor Select Switch, Wah 1/Wah 2 Switch. • The VOX Big Bad Wah is legendary guitarist Joe Satriani's vision of the ultimate, seriously versatile wah pedal with two wah voices in one great guitar effects pedal! Joe Satriani wanted access to more than just one wah voice, so VOX colaborated to produce the Big Bad Wah with two different onboard wah voices, one customizable, plus a Satriani-designed pedal pot, for smooth and musical tone. VOX Big Bad Wah guitar effects pedal allows you to access two different wah voices onstage without having to switch off one wah and turn on a differently tweaked wah. The VOX Big Bad Wah Wah 1 provides VOX's signature UK sound hot-rodded to meet Satriani's exacting tonal specifications. The Big Bad Wah's second wah rovides Joe Satriani's original drive and voice controls, and is customizable with two inductors, one UK-style and one US-style, tweakable from a Drive knob, to get a wide range of gain settings. At the Drive knob's lowest setting, Wah 2 mimics the gain of Wah 1. Turn Drive up to its highest setting for a 10dB boost, perfect for aggressive tones when soloing. The VOX Big Bad Wah is the ultimate wah pedal not just for Joe Satriani fans but for any wah pedal user who enjoys customizing their own sound. A wah-wah pedal is a sweepable bandpass filter. With the heel down, low frequencies are accentuated. With the toe down, high frequencies are accentuated.