Vox amPlug Joe Satriani

Vox amPlug Joe Satriani, Mini Amp

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Mini Amp • Two "signature" sounds, which were given the nod by Joe Satriani himself. • Superior dynamics of distortions, sounds like the Satchurator. • Analog-sounding delay effect with Joe's filter and EQ processing - greet Time Machine keeps. • Can be connected directly to the electric guitar, so that the sun rises in the headphones. • Immensely practical because. Compact and with a battery life of 11 hours • AUX input for connection of a CD/MP3 player to jam. • The amPlug series of palm-sized headphone guitar amps make it easy to enjoy great guitar/bass sounds at home, in your room, or anywhere. This lineup is now joined by the amPlug Joe Satriani signature model, which borrows freely from the VOX/Joe Satriani line of signature pedal effects. With its bright red body, the "amPlug Joe Satriani” delivers the awesome sound of Joe Satriani’s custom rig – distortion pedal through a high-gain vacuum tube amplifier, followed by a delay – and reproduces the settings created by Joe himself. Inspired by the distortion circuitry of the VOX/Joe Satriani Satchurator pedal, the amPlug Joe Satriani preserves much of the “pick attack” to create an articulate, playable distortion. Flick the switch to activate the analog-style delay effect. Inherited from the "Lo-Fi mode" of the VOX/Joe Satriani Time Machine delay pedal, the delay features Joe’s distinctive EQ tone, combining both high-pass and low-pass filters. Use the AUX input jack to plug your CD/MP3 player right into the amPlug Joe Satriani and jam along! Play along with Joe Satriani's classic tunes, or with any of your favorite music. Enjoy the amPlug’s extreme play-anywhere portability, with up to eleven hours of battery life. Simply plug the amPlug Joe Satriani directly into your electric guitar, connect your headphones, and you’re ready to enjoy playing using Joe Satriani's powerful and expansive sound. Of course, you can also connect the optional amPlug Cabinet (sold separately) and create your own miniature amp stack!