VOX amPlug Cabinet

VOX amPlug Cabinet, Mini Amp

Item number: 10020752
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Mini Amp • Speaker: VOX Original 3" x 1 • Output Power: 0.7W • Power supply: 9V battery (6F22, 6LF22/6LR61) or AC adapter (sold separately) • Current consumption:55 mA • Battery life:
With alkaline batteries: approximately 10 hours,
With zinc-carbon batteries: approximately 3 hours • Dimensions (W x D x H): 96 x 56 x 103 mm/ 3.78 x 2.20 x 4.06 inches • Weight: 296 g (without battery)/ 0.65 lbs • Included items: 9V zinc-carbon battery (6F22) • AMPLUG NOT INCLUDED • Using the amPlug Cabinet, you can quickly convert any amPlug into tabletop mini-stack. Connection is easy; just insert the amPlug unit into the amPlug Cabinet, and plug the dedicated cable from the amPlug cabinet into the amPlug. With its retro VOX design, the amPlug Cabinet creates an imposing miniature amp stack that is both attractive, and enjoyably incongruous. Equipped with a 3" VOX speaker and 0.7 Watts of power, the amPlug Cabinet is compatible with all amPlug models, so you can use a variety of amPlugs with a single amPlug Cabinet.