Visual Sound V2 Jekyll & Hyde

Visual Sound V2 Jekyll & Hyde, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10045925
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • 2-channel Overdrive/Distortion Pedal for Guitar • Thick steel housing • Improved Pure Tone buffer circuit • Bass Boost switch for Jekyll channel • Increased output volume for both channels • Upgraded capacitors throughout pedal • Upgraded Sharp/Blunt switch • 2 channels contain almost any overdrive or distortion sound • Jekyll channel sounds like the original TS808 and uses the JRC4558 op-amp • Hyde channel goes from blues to metal • EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ to scooped mids • Sharp/Blunt switch for a very bright or more compressed sound • Combine the channels • The Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde overdrive and distortion pedal was one of the first pedals to combine two separate effects in one package. Version 2 adds a noise reduction system. Each channel of the Jekyll & Hyde has separate controls, giving you the ability to use them singly, or together. The Jekyll channel faithfully mimics the sound of the TS-808 Tubescreamer and adds a Bass Boost switch and ups the output volume over the original. Hyde channel is far more than an amplified version of Jekyll, featuring heavier distortion and more bottom end. EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ to scooped mids. Sharp/Blunt switch for a very bright or more compressed sound. From Blues to Metal and everything in between.
  • 2 separate overdrives
  • Separate controls
  • Redesigned noise reduction
  • TS808 sound on Jekyll channel
  • Jekyll Overdrive Channel controls: Drive level, Tone level, Volume level, Bass boost on/off switch
  • Hyde Distortion Channel controls: Drive level, Treble level, Mid level, Volume level, Sharp/Blunt switch
  • Use effect channels separately or together
  • Diecast aluminum housing
  • Easy battery access
  • Circuit protection
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