Vestax V-Midi

Vestax V-Midi, Audio interface

Item number: 10061604
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Audio interface • iPhone/iPad/iPod • PC Connection: Apple Dock, USB • Design: Desktop • Analogue In/Out: 2 In / 2 Out • MIDI I/O: 1 In / 1 Out • Resolution: 16-Bits • Special Features: Loads IOS Devices • Accessories: mini DIN 6 Pol to USB converter cable • Core MIDI in/out interface • Connects USB MIDI device to control more than 100 CoreMIDI compatible apps • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch • Charges iOS devices and USB MIDI devices • USB host IC connector for MIDI USB devices • Stereo headphone output with volume pot • MIDI send iOS / Hardware LED indicators • Mini DIN 6pin to USB convert cable included • The Vestax V-MIDI is a Core MIDI interface that connects USB MIDI hardware and apps for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Connect an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to the V-MIDI, then connect any USB MIDI device to V-MIDI and plug in the power. Run a CoreMIDI compatible app to play music from apps with drum pads, MIDI synths, DJ controllers etc. V-MIDI amplifies the audio from the iOS device and controls the volume with the large scaled knob. V-MIDI powers your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch so you don't run down the device battery while playing music.