Vandoren Java Altsax. 1,5

Vandoren Java Altsax. 1,5, Reeds

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Reeds • Instrument reeds: Alto Saxophone • Reeds: Bamboo • Reed thickness: 1,5 • Shape: Unfiled • Content per carton: 10 • Vandoren JAVA series Vandoren developed the Java reeds in 1983 for Jazz and pop music. A larger pallet and a more flexible blade tip than the Traditional reed allows vibration over a larger surface area with maximum flexibility. Pallet refers to the zone in which the waves propagate with the largest range of wavelengths. This kind of "backbone" gives the musician much greater playing flexibility, as the resultant elasticity zone is very large. JA stands for Jazz, VA for Variety (entertainment music) and of course for ... Vandoren. Uniform strength All Vandoren reeds are tested with highly sensitive electronic measuring instruments and sorted. So that the greatest possible security is given that the contents of a package have no variation within the strengths. protection Each Vandoren reed is delivered individually sealed in a protective foil to prevent damage.