Universal Audio Thunderbolt I/O

Universal Audio Thunderbolt I/O, Audio interface

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Audio interface • Accessories • Thunderbolt I/O Expansion Card for Universal Audio Apollo Series Recording Interfaces • Faster throughput provides lower latency, reduced audio buffer size, and improved performance • Run more UAD-powered plug-ins • Additional Thunderbolt port lets you daisy chain other gear such as hard drives, processors, and displays • Turns the FireWire 800 ports Apollo into a FireWire hub • Compatible with Intel Thunderbolt technology on the latest generation of iMacs , MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and Mac minis • The Apollo Thunderbolt I/O Option Card drops into a Universal Audio Apollo series audio interface and increases it's connection speed to your computer by about 12 times. A faster connection reduces latency, speeds up plug-ins, and eliminates massive buffer sizes. Not only will the Apollo Thunderbolt Option Card improve the overall performance of an Apollo audio interface, it will allow you to run more UAD-powered plug-ins. The Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Option Card turns Apollo's FireWire ports into a FireWire expansion port for hard drives. Plus there's an extra Thunderbolt connection port on the Apollo Thunderbolt I/O Option Card allowing daisy chaining additional hard drives, processors, and displays. Compatible with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology on the latest generation of iMacs , MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and Mac minis.
  • Enables Thunderbolt for Apollo DUO and QUAD Audio Interfaces on Thunderbolt-equipped Macs
  • Run many more UAD plug-ins inside your DAW versus FireWire
  • Latency is reduced for UAD plug-ins used in the DAW
  • Improved performance at higher sample rates
  • Two Thunderbolt ports supply bus power for daisy-chaining peripherals
  • Allows Apollo’s built-in FireWire ports to be repurposed as a FireWire 800 hub over Thunderbolt
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