Universal Audio Apollo Quad

Universal Audio Apollo Quad, Audio interface

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Audio interface • Subcategory: FireWire Interface • PC Connection: FireWire • Design: 19" 1U • Analogue In/Out: 8 In / 14 Out • Mic Inputs: 4 • Digital In/Out: 2 ADAT I/O, S/PDIF Coax • Monitor Mixing: Hardware Monitoring DSP controlled • Sampling Rate: 192 kHz • Bit Rate: 24-Bits • Special Features: incl. Thunderbolt 1 Karte •
    18 x 24 FW800 Audio Interface with Built-in UAD-2 Quad DSP for UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins and Included Analog Classics Bundle Included - Mac • QUAD Core processor • Combining an analog front end, 24-bit/192 kHz conversion, and the built-in UAD-2 Quad plug-in processing, the Universal Audio Apollo Quad 18 x 24 firewire audio interface represents a new approach to recording. Built-in UAD-2 DSP lets you run UAD-2 powered plug-ins without the need for a separate processor card to be installed in your computer. Apollo Quad provides built-in UAD-2 Quad DSP to track, mix, and master with UAD-2 powered plug-ins with near-zero (below 2ms)latency. UAD-2 powered plug-ins deliver incredibly realistic emulations of classic studio processors, so you can get the sound of iconic analog equipment on your tracks with the convenience of plug-ins. And with Apollo Quad, you have all the DSP power you need to run an array of these plug-ins with ultra-low latency while your host computer runs your DAW. Using the Apollo interface, you can have the ability to track audio through a range of available classic UAD analog emulation plug-in, from top-end recording companies such as Neve, Studer, Manley, Lexicon and more (sold separately). The Universal Audios Apollo Quad is the worlds first Thunderbolt-ready audio interface, with an expansion port that allows you to install an optional Thunderbolt expansion card. Thunderbolt offers a much larger bandwidth and faster transfer rates than USB or Firewire, meaning youll be able to record more tracks at higher resolutions with lower latencies than you could before, even when using all 18 inputs and 24 outputs. Universal DAW compatibility for Mac (PC compatibility is scheduled for Summer 2012), and the ability to connect a UAD-2 Satellite to power even more UAD-2 DSP plug-ins, and youll see that the Universal Audio Apollo Duo firewire audio interface sets a seriously powerful foundation for your recording studio.
      Audio interfaces with built-in UAD-2 QUAD plug-in processing Built-in UAD-2 QUAD DSP for running UAD-2 powered plug-ins 18-in x 24-out interface provides enough I/O for professional applications 8 Analoge inputs: 4 x Microphone, 8 x Line, 2 x DI 14 Analoge outputs: 8 x Line, 2 x Monitor, 2 x Headphone 10 Digital In and Outputs: 8 x ADAT, 2 x S/PDIF, Word Clock Thunderbolt-ready Compatible with virtually any Mac DAW, with PC compatibility scheduled for Summer 2012 Plug-in configuration is saved with your DAW session for recall of session settings from any workstation DSP processing power can be expanded by connecting an optional UAD-2 Satellite
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