Two Notes PI-101

Two Notes PI-101, FX Plugin

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FX Plugin • Software Version of Torpedo VM-202 • Poweramp, Speaker and Mic-Simulation • DSP processor with EQ and Dynamics • VST, RTAS (PC & Mac) und AU (Mac) • Includes iLok-2 • The PI-101 Plug-In is the software version of the Torpedo VM-202 and features a microphone and guitar tube amplifier simulation.
  • 30 guitar and bass cabinets
  • 8 studio-standard microphones
  • 8 types of amplifiers
  • PI-101 is compatible with self-created or third-party impulses
  • Supports VST, RTAS (PC & Mac) and AU (Mac)
  • Requires iLok USB dongle (version 2!)
  • FX section with all major recording effects low-cut, 5-band EQ, exciter, compressor
Simulation stages:
  • 4 tube types: EL84, EL34, 6L6, KT88 pentode or triode
  • 2 circuit designs: classe A / single-ended, classe AB / push pull
  • Settings: Volume, Presence, Depth, pentode / triode switch
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