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Vic Firth

The company Vic Firth has been a synonym for musical class and perfection for over 50 years. In that time they have supported the Boston Symphony Orchester with its brilliant and exact sound. Vic Firth is known to produce excellent mallets and drumstick series : Vic Firth American Classic Wood Tip, Vic Firth Collectible series, Vic Firth Joe Porcaro Diamond Tip series, Vic Firth Tim Genis Timpani mallets, Vic Firth Tom Gauger mallets & sticks, Vic Firth Gifford Howarth Signature marimba mallets, Vic Firth Keyboard mallets custom, Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Keyboard mallets and Vic Firth Corpsmaster Multi Tenor sticks. Vic Firth has a very special interest in the choice of materials and the tightest quality controls during production and is based on the philosophy to be able to offer the perfect matching pair at the end of every production. Vic firth artists include Alex Acuna, Tom Aungst, Gary Burton, Billy Cobham, Peter Erskine, Tom Gauger, Tomas Haake, Bill Bachman, Terry Bozzio, Grant Collins, Anton, Fig, Omar Hakim, Kenny Aronoff, Lee Beddis, Paulinho da Costa, Tom Float, Matt Cameron, Steve Gadd und Akira Jimbo.