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Electronic Drum Kit Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set
Electronic Drum Kit Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum SetElectronic Drum Kit Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum SetElectronic Drum Kit Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum SetElectronic Drum Kit Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set

Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set

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  • E-Drum Set
  • Trigger inputs: DB-25 Anschluss mit Kick, Snare, Tom 1, 2, 3, HiHat, Crash1, Ride, Ride Bell, Hi Hat Control, Crash 2, AUX1, 2, 3, 3x Digitaltrigger In
  • Number of Direct Outputs: 2
  • Sounds: 728
  • Drum Kits User: 45
  • Drum Kits Presets: 55
  • Effects: Pad Compressor: per Pad, Pad Equalizer: per Pad, Overhead Mic Simulator, Room / Reverb, Multi-Effects: 3 systems, 30 types, Master Compressor, Master Equalizer
  • Display: 256 x 80 Graphic LCD
  • Edit Parameter: Direct Edit: Instrument, Volume, Tuning, Muffling
  • Data backup: SD card
  • Line in: yes
  • Outputs: Master Out L / R, 2x Direct Out
  • Special Features: full size wood shells
  • Accessories: 1 Cymbal Stand, 2 Cymbal Tom - Stands and Multi-Clamp
  • Notice: Bass Pedal, Snare, Stands, HiHat Stands not included.

Roland VAD507 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set · Electronic Drum Kit

First-class full-size drum experience.

Roland's V-Drums Acoustic Design (VAD for short) offers a new kind of V-Drums experience that combines the physical presence of an acoustic drum kit with Roland's world-leading digital percussion technology. Full-size wooden shells and cymbals, beautiful foils, and premium chrome hardware - it's all there for the authentic look and detailed craftsmanship that characterizes a premium acoustic kit. When playing, you'll feel like you're sitting at an acoustic drum kit, losing yourself in the powerful, immersive sound as well as the dynamic, inspiring response. V-Drums Acoustic Design by Roland delivers the acoustic vibe you know and love, enhanced with the expressive versatility and playability only possible with V-Drums.

Playing drums isn't just about the playing itself - the look of the kit also plays a big role, especially in the rock, blues, country or jazz genres. With its familiar acoustic look, Roland's VAD marks the center of any stage.

Each Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit is special because it is a high-quality V-Drums kit. Enjoy hugely expressive sounds and exceptional playability based on decades of development experience and the latest innovations in percussion technology that have been winning over the world's best drummers since 1997.

Many electric drums have an acoustic look. In most cases, however, it is merely cosmetic. Roland's V-Drums Acoustic Design goes several steps further and combines the authentic feel of an acoustic drum kit with the world's best e-drum technology. The feel is amazingly acoustic on all levels, recreating the dynamics of your favorite kit.

Roland Prismatic technology combines samples from the world's leading studios with Behavior Modeling principles refined over two decades. The result: electronic modeling drums that not only sound exceptional, but also behave like an acoustic kit.

In developing V-Drums Acoustic Design, Roland has chosen real wood shells and equipped them with custom, high-precision sensor systems. In addition to the luxurious Midnight Sparkle finish, Roland has also added rugged chrome hardware to the instruments that can withstand the heaviest use as well as ensure a fantastic look in the spotlight.

Each VAD kit includes convenient features to make drum sessions more fun, productive and effective. Play along to songs and tracks via Bluetooth, use the built-in exercises to brush up on your skills, or record your performance and listen to the recording to evaluate your progress. No matter which options you use, V-Drums will help you get better.

Thanks to the classic mounting hardware, you can set up the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit just like any normal acoustic drum kit, right down to the detail adjustments that ensure the perfect playing experience. Afterwards, you connect each instrument to the module and gather the cables into one unobtrusive strand. Via the additional trigger inputs, one can easily expand the kit with additional pads and cymbals at a later time.


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