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Guitar effects are almost always operated by the guitarist himself. That is why you will find guitar effects on stage at the guitarist's feet. A guitarist sets the overall sound of his guitar / amp / effects unit combination and does not like it in someone else's hands! Guitar-ground effect, stompbox, foot pedal or land mine, the usual names for the guitar effect paradise. Even complex multi-effect units have now reached floor level they are also used as a stomp box with much more functionality. As an alternative to the ground-effects you can still find some pieces of 19" equipment which often contain a variety of effects and are also controlled via MIDI pedals. Typical representatives of the ingenious effects are Distortion (Fuzz, Overdrive), Wah Wah, Tremolo / Vibrato, Octave, Pitch Shifter (harmonizer), Reverb (reverberation), Delay / Echo, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Phase Shifter, Compressor, EQ, Enhancer / Limiter, Boosters, Looper (sampler, sampler phase), etc. It is important to note that there are correct ways to connect up your pedal chain. Effects that physically change the sound/signal level eg. Volume pedal, Booster should always be connected between the guitar and the pre amp stage. Modulating effects however can then also be connected through an effects loop should your Amplifier have one. This is the ground rule but rules can be broken!

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