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Electro Harmonix

Electro-Harmonix, EHX mainly produces effect devices for musicians, as well as for live and studio use. One of the specialities about EHX effects is their belief in anologous technic, although for many years the tendency lies significantly towards digital sound processing. It has been proven to be very practical when delaying sound to use the digital Delay-effect devices, these being without los of sound or loudness, long delays and looping are also possible. Despite this, Electro-Harmonix still build anolog delay devices. A further special feature are names given to the devices: "Small Stone" (Phaser), "The Worm" (Vibrato, Tremolo, Wah Phaser), "Bassballs" (Envelope-Filter), "Big Muff" (Fuzz), "Holy Grail" (Reverb), and much much more.

Much of the companies fame is down to the many popular musicians that have used EHX devices, enabling them to develope their individual sound. The guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana for example used the "small clone" for the main theme of their massive hit "Come as you are".