Tech 21 SansAmp BassDriver DI

Tech 21 SansAmp BassDriver DI, Bass Guitar Effect

Item number: 3400088
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Bass Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Preamp • exclusive DI Box for bass • suitable for vintage sounds of slap to modern distortion sounds • separate outputs for power amps and recording • active sound control • Voltage supply possible via phantom power or 9V battery • The Tech 21 BassDriver pedal delivers real bass amp sound in a DI! The SansAmp Bass Driver DI delivers the warmth and presence of a miked bass amp, in a convenient direct box format. Use it as a stompbox, a preamp, or a DI onstage and in the studio, for all the tonal variation you need! It can dial up big vintage tube tones, modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and everything in between. Three different outputs allow you to drive power amps, recording consoles, or PA mixers. Bassists, this little black box will change your perception of amp emulators - for the better! Get the SansAmp Bass Driver DI today! Includes an XLR out for DI and a parallel 1/4" out for running an unaffected signal to your stage amp. Has Presence, Drive, Level, and Blend controls; active Bass, and Treble EQ. Can use phantom power, 9V battery, or optional DC power supply. Highly recommended by our bass guys.
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