Tech 21 PSA1.1

Tech 21 PSA1.1, Guitar Preamp

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Guitar Preamp • Technology: Transistor • MIDI: yes • Inserts: Series • Recording Out: yes • Outputs: 2x ¼" Jack, 2x XLR • Design: 19", 1U • Tech 21 PSA1 Guitar Cab/Amp The SansAmp PSA-1 incorporates the advantages of digital programmability while preserving a 100% analog signal path. Not just another pre-amp, the controls are designed to provide you with the flexibility to achieve virtually any professionally miked tube amp/speaker cabinet system sound. There are 49 factory presets, and 49 user-definable locations. Storing programs is simple. Just play your instrument, turn the knobs until you like what you hear, and save it. Parameters are adjusted in real time. With 256 incremental steps, each rotary control increases and decreases in a smooth linear fashion, allowing you to fine tune individual tone shaping characteristics. Via MIDI, you can load and off-load presets, map program locations, and select MIDI channels (including Omni Mode). Remote program changes can be made via MIDI or momentary footswitch. SansAmp PSA-1 is supported by Mark of the Unicorn´s UNISYN and X-oR software. These Universal Editor Librarian programs for Macintosh, Windows and Atari bring more power and even greater flexibility to your SansAmp PSA-1. Other features include dual 1/4" and XLR outputs for stereo processing - either pair can be set at line or instrument level, and used simultaneously. An Effects Loop ´50/50´ switch preserves signal integrity. By increasing or decreasing the output level of an external effects processor, you can achieve 0-75% wet/dry mix ratios internally. The non-glare LED display is readable from any angle, in daylight or darkness.
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