TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX, Multi-Effects

Item number: 10058373
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Multi-Effects • Effects: Harmony, Doubling, Reverb, Delay, EQ, compressor, de-esser, modulation, distortion, looper • Mic-preamp: Microphone • Available dynamic modules: De-esser and compressor • Available filter modules: 3 band EQ from TC electronic and low cut filter • Displays: graphic display • Inputs and Outputs: Stereo XLR, headphone and USB stereo outputs • Features: Professional vocal and guitar effects all in one unit • Presets: 200 presets by genre or effect • Dimensions W/H/D: 200 x 156 x 45 mm • Optional accesories: 3 Footswitches for bypass, harmony mute and preset switching • Studio-quality vocals from a pedal • Huge selection of guitar effects • Intelligent harmonies and pitch correction • Over 200 great sounding presets • Select presets by genre • Built-in looper • Practice mode helps you improve your accuracy • The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX is a footswitch controlled microphone preamp with harmony, pitch correction, effects, 200-plus presets, and guitar effects. TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX vocal processor was designed for vocalists who also play guitar. Besides great guitar effects, the TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX analyzes your guitar signal to create perfect harmonies and pitch correction. Plug your guitar into a large selection of acoustic and electric guitar effects designed by TC Electronic. Select genre-appropriate vocal effects and EQs from over 200 on-board presets. Looking for vocal and guitar effects all from one box? Now you can have studio-quality vocal and guitar effects in a single floor pedal with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX vocal processor. Quickly select presets by genre or effects type and start singing. Dial up TC Electronic guitar tones. The great-sounding vocal effects in the VoiceLive Play come from TC Helicon's bestselling VoiceLive vocal processors. Smart pitch correction and harmonizing effects automatically detect the key of your music and adjust everything automatically. A built-in looper and new "Hit" function make your live performances better sounding than ever. Take studio-quality vocals everywhere you go with the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX! No need to program or switch keys for your next song thanks to the key sensing circuitry in the TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX. Two built-in RoomSense microphones analyze stage sounds and intelligently control your harmonies and pitch correction making sure they fit perfectly. You can also use your guitar signal and other aux inputs to control this intelligent vocal processing. The studio-quality effects and processing found in the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX bring studio precision to the stage: reverbs, delays, choruses, automatic harmonies, crystal-clear EQs, vocal-doubling effects, and compression. The VoiceLive Play GTX's new "Hit" function was developed to optimize performances. Each preset has a base level of effects and when you stomp on the "Hit" switch it adds another layer of effects. Great for changing up your vocals during a chorus. Not only does the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX make you sound great, but it can also help you become a better singer. Use the practice function built into the VoiceLive Play GTX to see your pitch accuracy with the intelligent pitch display.
  • Guitar / Vocal Harmony and Effects Pedal
  • 200+ song and artist presets for vocals & guitar
  • Dedicated guitar effects processing from TC Electronic. No amp required
  • Key for harmonies and pitch correction set automatically from guitar input
  • Dual die-cast clamshell design
  • Acrylic lens
  • Punch-cut metal connection panel
  • Rubberized footings
  • Backlit graphic LCD display
  • Preset up/down and HIT footswitch
  • Bump-protected microphone level
  • Dual-colour backlit buttons
  • Dedicated Effect Block On/Offs