TC Electronic Spark Booster

TC Electronic Spark Booster, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Booster • Technology: Analog • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble • Modes: Clean, Fat, Mid Boost • Switches: Mode Switch • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Power supply: 9VDC, Center negative • Power Consumption: 16 mA • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Battery Type: 9V Block • Housing size: Standard • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 6 x 3,1 x12 cm • Weight: 0,3 kg • Country of Origin: Made in Thailand •
    Booster Pedal with Up to 26db of Gain • Level control allows you to add 26 dB of signal boost • Raises volume without altering the character of your tone • Gain control adds a hint of breakup or slight compression to a clean amp • Active Bass and Treble EQ controls • 3-position toggle: Clean, Fat, Mid • The TC Electronic Spark Booster guitar effects pedal features a Level control to add up to 26dB of boost, raising your guitars volume level without altering your guitars tone in any way. Spark Boosters Gain control adds slight breakup or compression to a clean amp. The active Bass and Treble EQ controls allow cutting and boosting frequencies for tone shaping for extended lows and high frequency sparkle. Spark Booster is True-bypass, guaranteeing no loss of guitar tone when the pedal is not being used. A three position toggle switch chooses Clean, Fat, or Mid settings. Clean to boost your guitars signal equally across all frequencies. Fat allows tonal shaping with EQ and Gain controls. Mid provides a bump to mid-frequencies to cut throught any mix with clarity.
      Give your guitar up to a 26db boost 2-band EQ Gain and level controls for clean to dirty boosts 3-way toggle for different boost characteristics: Clean, Fat, Mid True-bypass switching
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