TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger

TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Chorus • Technology: Analog • Special Features: Internal • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Stereo Out • Controls: Speed, With, Intensity, Input Gain • Modes: 3 switchable Modes • Switches: 1 x Chorus/Pitch Modulator/Flanger • Bypass Mode: Buffered Bypass • Power supply: 230 Volt internal • Power Consumption: n. a. • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Housing size: Medium Size • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 9,8 x 3,1 x 12,4 • Country of Origin: Made in Thailand •
    Chorus / Flanger mode selector • Speed, Width and Intensity controls • Mono input to mono or stereo output • Bypass controll • Frequency response 20-20.000Hz • Dynamic Range: 100dB • AC mains powered, no batteries or AC adapter • Input Gaiin control • Overload indicator • Cast aluminum housing • The TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger is the ultimate chorus pedal. Pure analogue, boutique quality. Sparkling, true stereo sound. Super quiet. Massive headroom. The richest, warmest chorus tone . The TC Electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger Pedal boasts three different effects: chorus, pitch modulation, and flange. Each effect features extensive parameter control that lets you dial in the exact sound you are looking for, from clean chorus, heavy-duty flanging, to extreme tremolo / vibrato effects. The analogue TC Electronic SCF pedal has a silkiness un-matched by digital gear. The SCF is powered by a regular AC power chord, so theres no adapter or battery to worry about. Other features of the TC electronic SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger pedal include an onboard preamp / line driver, which allows the SCF pedal to work in a range of applications and helps reduce signal loss along long cable runs; an overload LED; and remote bypass. Theres even an LED that shows the effects status and blinks at the currently selected sweep rate. Though intended for use with guitars, many keyboard-players have adapted the TC Electronic SCF pedal in their setups. The absolute fattest, richest, chorus / flange sound in existence. Flanging dates back from the era of open reel tape recorders. The same signal was recorded on two open reel recorders, then played back, summed together and recorded onto a third machine. The tape operator would touch one of the reel flanges, the flange being the rim of the reel, briefly slowing down one of the playing machines. The short timing differences between the two playback signals in the summed signal resulted in a sweeping comb filter effect that came to be known as flanging. Modern electronic flangers use a modulated analogue or digital delay line, which was mixed back with the dry signal to cause the flanging effect. Chorus is a time-based effects where a slightly detuned and delayed version of a guitar signal is played back with the original which produces a doubling effect, which produces a thicker, lusher tone. The original effect was produced by the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, though later effects would add multiple detunings and delays to produce a rich, glossy choruses. Andy Summers of The Police was quick to use the chorus effect, and it has only gotten more popular over the years.
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