TC Electronic Röttweiler Distortion

TC Electronic Röttweiler Distortion, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Distortion • Technology: Digital • Special Features: True bypass •
    High-gain Distortion Stompbox Guitar Pedal with Midrange Voicing Switch, 2-band EQ, and True Bypass Switching • Extreme high-gain distortion • Distortion for metal or hard rock • Makes any amplifier sound like a cranked tube amp stack • Voice switch selects the midrange contour • 2-band active EQ • True bypass switching ensures that your tone is unaffected when not in use • One-screw battery access makes lightning fast battery changes easy • Rugged custom hammerhead die-cast aluminum casing easily stands up to gigging •
With the push of a footswitch, the TC Electronic Rottweiler high-gain stompbox effect will make a solid-state practice amp sound like a tube stack. Thanks to all-analog soft-clipping circuitry, the Rottweiler sounds like a real tube amp. The special Voice mini-switch allows EQing your giutar tone. Most high-gain distortion effects rely on a scooped midrange. TC Electronic's Rottweiler uses a voicing switch to select from two uniquely effective midrange curves: hard rock crunch to death metal drive. The TC Electronic Rottweiler pedal includes a 2-band equalizer. Both bands feature a broad boost/cut range. When not in use, the Rottweiler's true bypass design takes it completely out of your signal chain. Your signal doesn't run through the pedal's circuitry which can add noise and colouration to your sound. With the Rottweiler's true bypass switching, your signal stays pure and your tone remains free from unnecessary noise.
TC Electronic

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