TC Electronic PolyTune

TC Electronic PolyTune, Tuner

Item number: 10020852
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Tuner • Instrument: Guitar and bass • Design: Floor • Chromatic: Yes • Metronome: no • Polyphonic Tuner Pedal with Strum-tuning, Ambient Light Sensor and Two Chromatic Tuning Modes - Guitar and Bass • Strum all of the strings on your guitar or bass to tune • Tune faster • Equally effective for guitar and bass • Reference pitch from 435Hz to 445Hz • Allows dropped tunings from E-flat down to B with an accuracy of just +/- 1 cent • Two chromatic tuning modes: Needle mode and Stream mode • Tuning Magnet slows down the needle close to the correct pitch • MonoPoly recognizes if you play one or more strings and switches between poly- or monophonic tuning • Stores your preferences after powered down • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs • TC Electronic rethinks the electronic guitar and bass tuner with the PolyTune poly-chromatic tuner! Find your out-of-tune bass or electric guitar string quickly with the TC Electronic PolyTune Polyphonic guitar tuner. Then drop into chromatic tuning mode to tune out-of-tune strings. A bold and simple display instantly shows which strings are in, and out, of tune. Play individual strings, and the PolyTune pedal automatically switches from Poly mode to Chromatic mode, so you can concentrate on the ones that need tuning. Strum all the strings of your guitar or bass, and the TC Electronic PolyTune Polyphonic tuner displays the pitch of all the strings simultaneously so you can locate and tune whichever strings are out-of-tune: in tune strings are displayed in green; out-of-tune strings are shown in red, either below (flat) or above (sharp) the center segment. When tuning individual strings in Chromatic mode, the TC Electronic PolyTune tuner uses a similar colour scheme and displays the value of the closest note. When you get an all-green “In Tune” confirmation, the tuning is perfect. The TC Electronic PolyTune tuner recognizes whether you play one or more strings and displays the appropriate poly- or monophonic chromatic tuning mode. The TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner also functions as a chromatic tuner, accurate to 0.5 cent with two separate chromatic tuning modes: Needle mode is for a classic guitar tuner, Stream mode for more real-time information which measures even the slightest pitch variation shows the results on as a rotating motion on the display. True bypass means the TC Electronic PolyTune tuner will not colour your guitar's tone when you are not tuning.
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