TC Electronic Nova System

TC Electronic Nova System, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Tuner: yes • Drum machine: no • Expression pedal: no • Inputs: Hi-Z and Balanced Input • Outputs: 2x 6,3 mm Stereo jack • MIDI: yes • USB Port: no • Presets: 30 Factory and 60 User presets • Dimensions W/H/D: 284 x 89 x 267 mm • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Special Features: Analogue Overdrive and distortion; 6 effect boxes (Compressor, EQ-Noise Gate, Modulation, Pitch, Delay, Reverb); 2 functions for the Footswitch: Preset and Pedal; • Guitar Effects Floor Processor with 8 Footswitches, Analog Effects, Digital Control, 30 Factory/60 User Presets, and 2 Footswitch Layouts • The TC Electronic Nova System is the all-in-one guitar multi-effects solution with analogue overdrive and distortion circuits, great effects in a compact pedalboard! The TC Electronic Nova System guitar multi-effects processor pedalboard gives you analogue sounds with digital control, packaged in a compact floor pedal unit designed for live gigging. With eight dedicated footswitches, the Nova System allows access and control of an amazing range of effects, easily. Analogue distortion and overdrive tones can be tweaked, while modulation, delay, and reverb effects are taken from the TC's incredible G-System processor for great sound. If you want reliable, adjustable effects at your feet, stomp on a Nova System multi-effects pedalboard! Nova System is the complete, floor-based multi-effects solution for the dedicated guitar player, including an all-analogue programmable distortion/overdrive section under preset and expression control. Trim down your effects rack, step up from your old stompboxes or simply just want the ultimate combination of operational simplicity and audio superiority. Included in the Nova System are eight effect blocks from the TC Electronic G-System floor-based processors: compression, EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb all programmable and storable in 60 user presets. Overdrive emulates classic valve amp overdrive, while distortion is fat and aggressive for full and massive chords and compressed leads with a raw, crunch valve-like tonal character. All you need is a guitar and an amp and you're good to go. What makes the TC Electronic Nova System so different is the Nova Drive Technology (NDT), a unique, new drive and distortion circuit that gets you the best of both analogue and digital worlds: analogue distortion and overdrive with digital control. This is the real deal, no modelling. While the NDT is 100 percent analogue and physically separated from the digital effects, its control potentiometers are digital. This way you can tweak, store and recall as many drive settings as you want, or add an expression pedal and control the amount of distortion in real-time. Nova system floor processor's wide gain range covers your every need from light break up to heavy distortion. Packed with TC Electronic quality effects from delays and reverbs to compressor, EQ and modulation, Nova System is the obvious all-in-one solution for any guitarist who wants setup simplicity without sacrificing tonal quality. Everything with the Nova System is programmable and storable in 60 user presets. 30 factory presets give you a demonstration of just what this unit provides; great sound quality and an immense versatility of effects combinations.
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