TC Electronic Nova Repeater RPT 1

TC Electronic Nova Repeater RPT 1, Guitar Effect

Item number: 10016492
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Delay • Technology: Digital • Special Features: 'KillDry’ switch • Including: AC Adapter • TC Electronic Nova Delay revamped, streamlined, and upgraded • Powerful delay and dual-delay effects controlled via tap tempo or innovative audio tapping • Dramatic modulation effects, in the style of classic tape delay • Adaptive dynamic delay auto sets the perfect threshold for the ducking • KillDry switch lets you keep your dry signal intact in a parallel effects loop • stereo delay pedal with chorus and vibrato modulation • Six essential delay types with sweet spot delay ranges • Two inputs, instrument or line-level, for using in front of your amp or in a loop • Dramatic modulation effects for classic tape delay wow-and-flutter • To develop the Nova Repeater guitar delay pedal, TC Electronic took feedback from guitarists who use the Nova Delay effects pedal and removed features many players didn't use, while packing in even more processing power. The result is a “no-frills-with-a-sound-that-kills” delay pedal. There are no hidden features or complicated functions on the TC Electronic Nova Repeater, just the world’s best delays in a cheap and easy-to-use package. The TC Electronic NOVA Repeater has three delay time ranges: Min, Mid and Max positions. These delay times have been chosen to match the times used by most guitar players, making it much easier for you to dial in the perfect delay time. The TC Electronic Nova Repoeater guitar effects pedal is loaded with six different types of delays and multi-delays. There are also a tap tempo switch and TC Electronic's audio-tapping technology, which lets you set the tempo with your playing dynamics. In addition to delay, the Nova Repeater features a chorus and a vibrato mode, so you can emulate classic tap effects and lush modulated pads. The Nova Repeater features TC Electronic's new adaptive dynamic delay which sets the perfect threshold for the ducking. You won't have to calibrate anything, even if you decide to turn up the volume during a solo. Nova Repeater will auto-adjust the threshold on the fly. Ducking is a dynamics processor that lowers or ducks the level of one audio signal based upon the level of a second audio signal. The TC Electronic Nova Repeater features both high-Z guitar or line-level inputs so you can use the Nova Repeater in front of an amp or in an external effects loop. The Nova Repeater features a KillDry switch, so you can use the Nova Repeater in a parallel effect loop where guitarists don't want their dry sound to be processed by the effect. The Nova Repeater features an FX Level pot, which adjusts the level of the processed signal, so you won't get annoying level drops on your un-processed sound, a common problem with delay pedals. TC Electronic NOVA Repeater lets you focus on playing and delivers what you are looking for: great sound, simple to use and more features than any other delay pedal at this price.
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