TC Electronic Nova Drive

TC Electronic Nova Drive, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • Technology: Digital • Special Features: check Specifications • All-analogue, programmable guitar overdrive and distortion pedal • Digitally controlled analogue drive circuit • Nova Drive features three drive stages: Overdrive, Distortion and Overdrive+Distortion parallel, in any desired order • Distortion section has a 2-band equalization section with bass- and treble controls • True bypass, eliminating unwanted noise when turned of • Buffered bypass can be selected as well • Extensive routing options provide a wide tonal palette • Programmable control from stomp box to bank mode to full MIDI control means guitaristscan program, store and recall quickly • 24 programmable presets to create, store and recall favorite settings • Integration with G-System for real-time control of all of Nova Drive’s parameters from within G-System • Nova Drive integrates easily into any guitar rig, from simple pedal boards to high-end professional guitar rigs • The TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive guitar overdrive and distortion effects pedal features digital control of the analogue drive / distortion circuit from the TC Electronic Nova System, offering the convenience of digital control with analogue tone! The Nova Drive from TC Electronic is the latest member of the Nova family of effects pedals, full of dual-engine, digitally controllable overdrive / distortion tones. This true bypass pedal has the same analogue circuit from the Nova System for analogue sound with handy digital control options, including 18 instantly recallable presets. To the analogue drive circuit from the TC Electronic Nova System, the TC Electronic Nova Drive pedal adds digital programmability and control. Individual overdrive and distortion circuits that can be used separately or stacked together for virtually unlimited tonal flexibility mean that the TC Electronic Nova Drive effects pedal provides all the distorted and overdriven sounds guitarists could ever need. The analogue overdrive tone of the TC Electronics Nova Drive provide a range of tones, from clean boost throught blues and valve-like breakup to full-on crunch. A Mix knob blends in the original sound to the processed signal plus Level, Tone and Overdrive controls. The analogue distortion section of the TC Nova Drive pedal provides a range of distortion form subtle punch to screaming fuzz. 2-band EQ with Bass and Treble knobs allow distorted tone shaping. Both overdrive and distortion on the Nova Drive have gain ranges from soulful bules to full-on crunch. With 18-presets, the TC Electronic Nova Drive allows access to all the different tones you have created. Ture Bypass means no tone loss when the effects pedal is off. The TC Electronic Nova Drive pedal is fully MIDI controlled. Change presets, toggle overdrive and distortion on/off change routing and access all parameters in real time with continuous controllers. Or access all TC Electronics Nova Drive pedal's parameters via the bundled Mac / PC editing softword. Though Nova Drive can be used as a stand-alone stompbox, you can use Nova Drive with the G-Switch foot switch or in a MIDI controlled rackmounted rig, or with TC Electronic G-System floor processor. TC Electronic Nova Drive is guaranteed to integrate into any rig. TC Electronic Nova Drive provides 24 programmable presets and options of how to control the pedal. In Normal mode the overdrive and distortion switches work like regular stomp boxes. Toggle mode switches either of the effects engines On / Off for fast switching between Overdrive and Distortion sounds. Bank mode enables set up of 9 banks of two presets, ideal for guitarists who prefer the sound of for either the overdrive or the distortion and makes it possible to switch between two different overdrive settings using the two switches. TC Electronic Nova Drive offers flexibility with three routing options when combining Overdrive and Distortion. Guitarists have spent countless hours finding the perfect order for their drive pedals, as overdrive before distortion, or distortion before overdrive results in dramatically different effects. TC Electronic Nova Drive offers guitarists both options as well as a third Parallel Mode that is similar to running two tonally different, great sounding amps at the same time. Changing the routing sequence can be done with press of a button and TC Electronic Nova Drive allows for different routings to be saved as a preset. For guitarists there is a distinction between overdrive and distortion. Distortion generally means extreme distortion and is associated with a buzzing or "fuzz" type of sound. Overdrive means a light semi-distortion with increased harmonics and presence, but not the same as all out distortion. Technically overdrive is still distortion, but it's mild enough that more of the character of the guitar comes through.
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