TC Electronic Impact Twin

TC Electronic Impact Twin, Audio interface

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Audio interface • FireWire Interface • PC Connection: FireWire • Design: Desktop • Analogue In/Out: 4 In / 4 Out • Mic Inputs: 2 • Digital In/Out: S/PDIF coax, Adat I/O • MIDI I/O: 1 In / 1 Out • Monitor Mixing: Hardware Monitoring DSP controlled • Sampling Rate: 192 kHz • Resolution: 24-Bits • Bus Powered: yes • Special Features: Very good preamps, stand alone capability • Accessories: Ac adapter, FireWire cable, Ableton LiveLite • 14-in/14-out FireWire Interface with Two Mic Preamps, Analog and Digital I/O, Monitor Reverb, Plug-ins, and Ableton Software • The premium-quality TC Electronic Imapct Twin 24-bit / 192kHz FireWire interface is built to provide maximum recording performance from a portable 2-channel package with two outstanding microphone preamps, front-panel combo inputs, and an unbelievable combination of analogue and digital I/O totaling 14-inputs / 14-outputs, four balanced analogue and 10 digital inputs and outputs. The TC Electronic Impact Twin ships bundled with TC plug-ins and Ableton Live Lite 8 TC Electronic Edition production software, so you're ready to make tracks right out of the box. You don't need an expensive studio mixing desk to get great-sounding tracks on your DAW computer. You need great mic preamps and AD/DA conversion. You get both with the TC Electronic Impact Twin with two premium preamps that make any mic you plug in sound fantastic. And though the ultra-portable TC Electronic Impact Twin FireWire audio interface features a simple front-panel layout, you can use it to access and control several monitoring and tracking features. Add reverb to your monitor mix, control reverb and delay functions in your DAW, even adjust the mix between your input audio and playback sound with a just 2-knobs. The TC Electronic Impact Twin audio interface ships bundled with a set of TC plug-ins, including the M40 Studio Reverb, the fat-sounding ResFilter WITH 6, 12 and 24 dB slopes, and the Assimilator EQ curve assimilation tool which grabs an EQ curve from any sound and applys it to your track. Add the pro results you get from the included TC Electronic compressor and the included Ableton Live Lite 8 TC Electronic Edition production software for performance from an audio interface that goes anywhere your laptop goes. The control panel features a 48-bit direct monitor mixer with on-board moniotr reverb and a patch-bay style routing matrix for flexible control over signal paths. From its 24-bit / 192kHz HD defintion conversion quality to its range of analogue, MIDI, FireWire, and S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs, the TC Electronic Impact Twin audio interface is perfect for desktops or mobile studios. The TC Electronic Impact Twin audio interface ships with power supply, FireWire cable, CD with software, Safety Instructions, FireWire 800 adapter, and Quick start guide.
  • 24-bit 192kHz 14-in/14-out FireWire audio interface
  • Bundled with TC plug-ins, easy-access compressor, built-in tuner, and Ableton Live Lite 8 TC Electronic Edition software
  • Direct monitor reverb
  • iCheck integrity check helps you maximize quality when you're encoding MP3 or AAC files
  • 14-input and 14-output: 4 analog and 10 digital I/O
  • Two premium TC preamps with Impact III Technology
  • Two front-panel combo inputs for XLR or hi-Z instruments
  • Two front-panel knobs with multiple functions
  • Four line inputs, four line outputs on rear panel
  • Built-in guitar tuner
  • Channel Tools to optimize your sound
  • JetPLL jitter reduction for superior audio quality
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