Tascam US-1800

Tascam US-1800, Audio interface

Item number: 10048633
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Audio interface • USB Interface • PC Connection: USB 2.0 • Design: 19" 1 U • Analogue In/Out: 14 In / 6 Out • Mic Inputs: 8 • Digital In/Out: S/PDIF coax • MIDI I/O: 1 In / 1 Out • Monitor Mixing: Hardware Monitoring • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz • Resolution: 24-Bits • Accessories: USB cable, Cubase LE, AC adapter • 16-input / 4-output 24-bit 96kHz USB 2.0 audio interface with 8 mic preamps, bundled with Cubase LE5 • The 24-bit 96kHz Tascam US-1800 USB 2.0 audio interface gives 16 simultaneous inputs and 4 simultaneous outputs including eight XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and 60dB of clean gain, 2 x 1/4-inch TRS Line/Guitar inputs on the front panel, 4 x 1/4-inch TRS Line inputs on the rear panel, 2 x 1/4-inch Main outputs, 4 x 1/4-inch Line outputs, 1 x 1/4-inch Headphone output as well as stereo coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O and 16 channels MIDI in and out. Hook up the entire band at once with the Tascam US-1800 audio interface. Included with the US-1800 is Cubase LE5 workstation software from Steinberg. This 48-track audio workstation includes features like automation, plug-ins, mixing, editing and MIDI tracks. Cubase LE5 uses standard VST plug-ins for adding virtual instruments and effects.
  • 16 simultaneous inputs
  • 4 simultaneous outputs
  • 14 analog inputs
  • 8 x XLR Mic inputs with phantom power
  • 2 x 1/4-inch TRS LINE/GUITAR inputs on the front panel
  • 4 x 1/4-inch TRS LINE inputs on the rear panel
  • Stereo Coaxial S/PDIF Digital Input/Output
  • Zero-latency hardware monitoring
  • Independent monitor and headphone outputs
  • Stereo monitor output (DAW return (stereo) and input (mono))
  • 16-channel MIDI input and output
  • USB 2.0 connection to Mac/Windows
  • 96kHz 24-bit audio resolution
  • Cubase LE 5 48-track workstation software included
  • ASIO and Core Audio support
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X compatible